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About Quimi


Written by Sami:

She’s a wild one, a wholehearted work of art. She’s my sister and she makes me laugh like no other can. Although I could write a novel about my hermana hermosa, here is just a little bit about her: She is bold and strong, yet also crazy and fun to be around. She is my best friend, constantly giving me advice and guidance in my life. Quimi is madly in love with her husband, Aaron, and their puppies. Quimi loves to break it down at any time of the day! I love her and the unrelenting amusement she brings. Quimi currently leads worship everywhere she can, spends the days with her little niño puppies and is a caring wife to her hubby. Everyday with Quimi brings a new adventure, and I am so glad that I get to do life things with her. I love my bebe sista, Quimitas.

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