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DIY Dry Shampoo – For Blonde & Brunette Hair

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Ladies, we’ve all been there and we all know what it’s like to depend on dry shampoo, right?! I mean, who has time to wash their hair every day or every other day for that matter. As long as we’re being honest, I truthfully will go about 4-5 days between washes. Some people may say that is gross, but to them I say…

Lol. I am so excited to share this DIY because if you’re like me and use dry shampoo more than you even use regular shampoo, then you understand how important this is. Recently, I looked up the harmful effects of aerosol dry shampoo and was surprised to find that most are filled with toxic chemicals. Since our scalps absorb at rates 5-10 times higher than other parts of our bodies, the fact that these chemicals are so harmful is a big deal.

Over the past week, I’ve been using this all natural, super simple DIY dry shampoo and it has been sooo great! I really have been impressed with how well it works, how easy it was to make and how fresh it has kept my hair. Plus, I will be saving so much money!! Dry shampoo can get expensive, especially if you’re a brunette. I feel like it’s harder to find dry shampoos for dark hair and when you do, it’s usually more expensive.

This easy DIY is all natural, has non-toxic chemicals and will last you so much longer! I’m so thankful that I’m going this route now.

Dry Shampoo DIY

Supplies You Will Need

Ingredients for Brunettes


Step by Step for Brunettes

Ingredients for Blondes

Step by Step for Blondes

I’ve seen on Pinterest that some people put it in an open face container and dip a make up brush in it to then brush on dab onto their roots. That may work too – I haven’t tried it yet, but I really like this salt shaker method because it seems less messy and more simple.

Let me know if you tried this! Would love to hear your experience. If you would like to read more beauty or DIY posts, check out these…


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