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DIY Face Masks

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DIY Face Masks 1Face masks are all the rage these days. We decided we would try some out but our own DIY versions! I’m not someone who typically uses face masks due to how sensitive my skin is. I always try to use the least amount of products as possible just because my skin reacts to everything. But Quimi and I really wanted to try some DIY masks that are perfect for my skin and her skin as well! There are two things I love most about doing a DIY face mask. One, I get to save money and not spend hundreds on different store-bought masks. And two, I know exactly what ingredients are going on my face. After having acne for about 4 years now, I believe that the least amount of ingredients on your face is the best because chemicals and other weird stuff can destroy the skin.

We were able to search the web a little bit and we found some recipes for a DIY face mask for acne, and a DIY honey face mask for brightening that were perfect for each of us. They both were amazing and felt so great once we washed them off. They both have a base of honey and we wanted to share some information we learned about why honey is super good for your skin.

Note: it is best if you use raw unfiltered honey on your skin. It is the cleanest honey and has the most nutrients that your skin needs. So if you can, get the raw unfiltered kind. We used this one from Nature Nate, and we also saw it was recommended for skin use. 

Benefits of Honey:

Honey does these 5 amazing things and so much more for your skin! But these 5 are specific to your face and why it’s so good to use honey as a natural mask. You can do a DIY face mask that works for each benefit!


Honey is a skin lubricant, which helps to relieve your skin from wrinkles appearing or any skin irritations. It also slows down aging.

Mask: All you do is apply honey to your whole face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, wash off and you will notice how soft and rejuvenating your skin will feel!


This one hits home for me as I have been struggling with acne for a while now if you haven’t already I have two acne journey posts all about my experience thus far with products and solutions I’ve tried. In part 1, I talk about how my acne started and some products I tried that did not work, and in part 2 I talk about how my acne looks up to this point and how I was going to eliminate nuts to see if that made a difference. To my surprise, I found that honey helps reduce pimples due to its antibacterial properties. I used honey in a mask with two other ingredients, lemon, and baking soda. I will share more about this mask later in this post, so read on.


Honey has an organic acid called gluconic that acts like a scrub without scrubbing your face. But it will shed off any dead skins cells that you may have. It will just improve the dull patchy look of your skin.

Mask: 3 tbsp baking soda + 1 tsp honey + 3 to 4 Vitamin E Capsules (squeese out the liquid) + 1/4 tsp cinnamon. Leave for 10-15 min.


You could even use honey on your whole body if you wanted to! Honey is hygroscopic like glycerine, it moisturizes your skin absorbing water from the environment.

Mask: For a moisturizing honey mask for your whole body, use a ratio of 1 tsp of honey with 3 tsp of coconut oil. Apply it on your dry skin for 30 mins before your bath or shower!

Sensitive Skin

Honey is rich in anti-inflammatory factors that soothe your skin. Just be cautious as honey might sting extremely sensitive skin so you can dilute it with rose water, aloe vera, and other soothing ingredients before applying to your skin.

DIY Acne Prone Face Mask

This recipe is specific for acne and helps to cut down on the inflammation and soothe your skin. Apply this gently on your face, but do not scrub! Just lightly apply and leave on for 15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water and then cold water.

This mask felt amazing on my skin!! I’ve done it three times in the span of this week so I could share my thoughts on how it felt and what I think it’s doing for my skin. So far, I really see my skin starting to look less red, especially around my pimples, and I notice how soft my skin feels now after leaving it on for just 15 minutes. I love how light the mask feels, it’s not heavy at all which I hate on my skin, it also isn’t irritating and it soothes my skin while its on. I definitely recommend this mask for anyone who struggles with acne. Over time I think it really will continue to clear my skin and I can’t wait to see what else it will do.

DIY Brightening Face Mask

Since Quimi doesn’t struggle with acne, she decided to do a brightening mask that only calls for two ingredients!!! The mask is made with plain yogurt and honey. Super simple and easy to do! Just stir the ingredients together in a bowl and let it form a paste, apply the mask all over your face and leave on to let it sit for 30 minutes! Then wash off with cold water.

Quimi said the mask was really nice, her skin felt moisturized and clean. She felt that her skin definitely looked brighter and felt smoother after just the first time. But more than anything she wanted to eat her mask, haha. Anyways, she really enjoyed the mask and will definitely be doing it more and more a few times a week. It was nice to give her skin a break and let it rest with a calming honey mask!

We both really enjoyed these masks. We felt such a sudden change in our skin immediately after washing it off. It was refreshing, soothing and so so soft. We recommend these efficient and easy ways to treat your skin to a nice cleansing. They definitely need it from time to time with all that makeup we put on them. Let us know if you try these or any other honey masks! We hope this helps anyone looking for a DIY home mask -xoxo!

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