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29 Dog Halloween Costumes That Deserve All The Treats

Chewbaca Dog Costume

Oh, Halloween. The age-old holiday that gives grown adults the permission to act a total fool while dressing up in questionable costumes. While I’ve seen plenty of adult costumes that I wish I could un-see, there has never been a dog costume that I didn’t love. Here, for your viewing pleasure, I give you 29 Pups Winning Halloween.

1. Batdog & Robin ready to avenge the squirrel thieves 

2. Dobbie the free doggie

3. Doctor Pug with an unlimited dosage of cuteness

4. King of the backyard

5. Beefy Loofa Dog

6. Doggie T, who is straight pitying the fool

7. Pugilyn Monroe 

8. Where’s Waldog

9. Doggotello

10. Sashimi Puppymi

11. Wayne’s World, Puppy Time, Excellent

12. Scuba Steeeeveee!

13. Seal Sighting

14. Someone give this pup a Scooby Snack!

15. It’s a Mario & Luigi

16. Happy Hour

17. Doggy Depp

18. No words, just awesome

19. Dogwarts Is Waiting

20. Cutest Chewy

21. Einstein Woof is ready to drop some knowledge bombs…err, treats.

22. All I see is two beauties

23. Pupcake

24. A very convincing Chick Fil A cow

25. Egyptian Brothers 

26. Mariachi Loco

27. Headless Dogman

28. Grandma Wolf is not amused

29. Elvis Pugsley says, “Thank you, thank you very much”

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