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Affordable Swimsuit Finds for Summer 2017

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Summer is just around the corner… and finding the perfect swimsuit can be a drag. We wanted to share some of our favorite, most affordable and cute swimsuits for this upcoming summer. There are three characteristics we look for when we pick a swimsuit; style, fit and price. We want the swimsuit to fit well and comfortably, to be cute and stylish in some way, and have an affordable price. We have been able to find a few websites online that have a variety of swimsuits in different styles with the price being very reasonable! Each picture has the link attached so click away!


We found this website on Pinterest and fell in love with it! Out of all the websites we will share, Cupshe is the only one that sells their bikinis in sets. The price of the bikini will be for the top and the bottom. That is one of the main reason why we love this brand. They have very affordable prices and all of their swimsuits are one of a kind, cute and in different styles. Here are a few of our favorite picks!

This bikini set also comes in black. It is simple yet the perfect suit that is comfortable and stays on well! This piece is $22.80.

One piece suits are really making an appearance nowadays. This one is a low back and has a v to scoop neck with a leafy pattern. We love it! It is $21.80!

This set is awesome because it is reversible! With pineapple’s on one side and stripes on the other, you can interchange which way you would like to wear it! It also has a high waisted bottom, which some people are into but that just shows the variety of choices cupshe provides and the super affordable prices they have! This high waisted bikini is $23.99!
And… Cupshe is having a 60% off MEMORIAL DAY SALE!!! You NEED to check out what swimsuits are on sale! You thought they had affordable prices before? Well, now they are an even better deal! Go grab your swimsuit pieces before the sale ends on May 31st! Below are a few cute pieces you will see in the Memorial Day Sale!

This one is $12.99 and there are only a few left!!! Go get yours now! 

This strappy floral suit is $13.99 and there are only a few left in stock, go grab one before its too late!


So H&M has so many cute pieces and a good variety in styles. The prices are extremely reasonable but each piece is sold separately. Here are a few of our favorite finds!

This apricot colored suit also comes in an olive green with a leaf pattern. The criss-cross back adds great detail and is different than the normal triangle bikini. This bikini is not sold as a set so the top is $19.99 and the bottoms are $14.99, for a total around $35. Yes, it is a little more on the pricey side compared to Cupshe but you don’t have to buy both pieces, you could just buy the top or just get the bottoms and pair it something else.

This teal patterned bikini only comes in this color but I love it and think it would be very comfortable to wear for long periods of time! It is a great find and the price would be around $19.99 for the top and $14.99 for the bottoms, that is around $35 for both. A little higher in price but such a cute swimsuit! These plum push-up top and bottoms also come in three other colors: black, white and gray stripes and white. It is the perfect comfortable suit for a pool swim and it is simple yet cute. The top is $17.99 and the bottoms are $12.99, that is a total of around $30 for both.



Target has some great swimsuit variety – from one pieces to bikinis and halter tops. Their prices are reasonable yet the bikinis are not sold in sets. But it is very easy to go to Target or shop online and find the top and bottoms that go together.

We love the crochet look for bikinis! So detailed and different! The top is $20 and the bottoms are $16. Also sold separately and could be paired differently!
This floral set is super cute and perfect for the beach or any vacation!  The top and bottom are each $14. 

The scallop design is also in and the tankini high neck is different than the regular triangle bikini. The top and bottom are each $20. Target has amazing variety! Don’t miss out on these fashionable swimsuits!


Asos has some great swimwear options too! They tend to be a little more pricey but they often have sales and we were able to find some swimsuits that are a great steal!

This black one piece is something so unique and different that we have never seen with a swimsuit! We know there are dresses that you can wear multiple different ways, but a swimsuit?! Thats so awesome! Every time you wear this suit you can wrap it in another way! So fun! This multi-way swimsuit is $40. Now that might be high for some, but think about how great it would be to have one suit that could be worn in so many different ways! It’s like a new swimsuit every time.This halter suit is so interesting because the halter is not your normal string that you tie around your neck, it’s a gold necklace! That makes the suit way more elegant and totally uncommon to most halter suits. Plus the design on the suit is the perfect greeny leaf pattern! The top is on sale for $9.50, and it doesn’t look the bottoms are in stock anymore but we think it would look great with some solid white or black bottoms! This snake scale patterned wrap bikini top is so pretty and dainty. It adds such dimension to the top and makes it distinctly different to other strapless bikinis. The top is on an amazing sale for $8, and it looks like the bottoms are out of stock but this would look great with a solid white, black or blue bottom!


We hope our swimsuit finds have helped you know that there are so many affordable and cute swimsuits for your endless summer! Check out each of these sites and let us know what you think! Happy swimsuit hunting!

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