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The Best 9 Date Ideas in Houston: Spring Edition

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My boyfriend is coming to visit me next week for Spring Break and I could not be more excited!!! I have so many fun things planned for us to do while he’s here and I thought I would share them with you all if you are looking for more inspiration for date ideas for you and your boo.

I’ve only been living here for about 3 years, so I don’t know all of the cool spots and places to have a unique date night in Houston, but I am starting to learn and get ideas from my good friend google, because I know it has so much more to offer. I am going to share 9 things or activities you and your significant other (or even friends!) can do while in Houston. (You, of course, can even do these with your friends or family too!) Sorry if you are reading this and are not from Houston lol I guess that means you just have to come visit! The things I am going to share with you are a mix of stuff I’ve done and new stuff that I am so excited to try out, so here we go…!

1. The Houston Zoo

I love animalsssss! If you and your significant other love animals too, the Houston Zoo is amazing and it has so many different animals! I’ve only been once or twice but I loved it and it was definitely a fun experience. Try the Houston Zoo out for your next date day, and let me know what you think!

2. Houston Museums

Houston has a museum district that has a variety of different museums! Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Natural History, Nasa Space Museum, The Health Museum, Museum of Funeral History and so many more! If you and your honey are interested in learning a thing or two during your date well then the museums are your spot! Find more information about the Houston Museum District here.

photo: joseph west photography

3. McGovern Centennial Garden

This place is beautiful!!! So gorgeous and perfect for a day date with a picnic or just a nice stroll to see the flowers and other sights they have there. I love picnics and being outside, so the Centennial Gardens will be perfect for us to relax and take a moment to breathe together as we catch up! Also, Houston weather in spring is actually extremely beautiful so it’s a perfect time for an outside picnic.

photo: houston chronicle

4. Houston Pro Sports Games

There are so many games you can go to! Our Houston Astros are World Series Champs this year and although we’d love to catch a game together, they’re currently in Spring Training, however… the Houston Rockets are doing really well this season! They are currently 49-13 and on a 16 game winning streak!! Going to the Rockets games are thrilling, exciting, and so much fun! We are definitely doing this as a date night when my boyfriend comes! We will probably go out to dinner before and then go watch a game. We love it! We also have a professional soccer team, the Houston Dynamo! They just had their kick-off home game last week and they won 4-0! We are hoping this will be a great season for them too! The lady Dash soccer games are also fun to go to! Both teams play at the BBVA Compass stadium. It’s not football season, but if you can afford it, you should definitely try to catch a Houston Texans game at NRG stadium in. I have yet to be able to go to one, but I hope I can sometime in the future. Our family are huge sports fanatics so we love to catch games whenever we can! Go to any one of these games and you’ll love the pure joy that comes from being a sports team fan, plus its a perfect date night in Houston!

photo: astros future

5. Rodeo Houston

YEEEEE-HAWWWW! Rodeo Houston is in town for a few weeks every March! It is considered to be the largest livestock and rodeo show in the world! Now, I’m not a big country fan, in fact, 2 years ago I didn’t even want to go to the Rodeo at all. I thought it was lame and I wasn’t going to have any fun. But I was so wrong! The rodeo is way fun and they have so much to offer. It’s not just all country and cattle and horses, but they have a huge outdoor fair and carnival that make it fun for everyone! It’s definitely a must see if you live in Houston! To learn more about the rodeo, you can check out the blog Quimi wrote last year 9 Things You Should Do At The Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo.

photo: buzzfeed

6. City Centre

I love City Centre!! This is definitely a great date idea in Houston especially because they have a movie theater that is so unique called Studio Movie Grill! The first time I ever went I was shocked that I could eat a full-on meal and watch a movie at the same time. This was something so new to me and now I’m obsessed. It’s the only movie theater I go to! The city center area is so lovely and gorgeous at night. There are so many restaurants and little shops and it’s so nice to walk around! There’s a little grass area where kids love to run around and play in and when it gets dark they have these string lights lit up and it just makes the mood extra pretty.

photo: hotel sorella

7. Discovery Green Rollerskating

This is so new to me!!! I have yet to go rollerskating at discovery green and I am super stoked about it! I don’t think I have roller skated since I was 10 and I had my birthday at a roller skating rink, lol. I love rollerskating and I can’t wait until my boyfriend and I go to this new rink! It’s going to be so much fun! I would recommend this because it allows freedom to let loose and just be silly, we all need that in our relationships. During the winter months, they have an ice rink out there and I knew about that, but I just recently learned that for the month of March, they have a rollerskating rink up! It ends March 25th, so be sure to catch it before it ends and make it a great date night idea!

photo: discovery green

8. The Showboat Drive-In

AH, I’ve been dyinngg to go to this drive-in theater ever since I moved to Houston. It looks so cool and I’ve always liked watching a movie in my car! I think I have only been to a drive-in theater one time in my whole life, I just really love the experience and the way it makes it feel home-y. Get your favorite snacks or food and just drive up to the theater, it just sounds like so much fun and such a different way of watching movies.

photo: showboat drive-in

9. Houston B-Cycle

This is an amazing way to see the city for such a cheap price! I did this a few summers ago with my cousins and it was a blast! Especially since the weather is so nice right now its the perfect date night to see Houston! For $5 you can rent a bike and ride around Houston for up to 24 hours!!! WHOA! I mean riding a bike for 24 hours is a pretty long time, lol but it’ll be a great workout too! You could even do this right before the sun is setting and into the night, it would be so beautiful! Such a great date night idea in Houston!

I hope these inspire you and your loved one to try some new stuff for your date nights. I am so excited to try the ones I haven’t done this upcoming week! Get creative with your date nights, try things you haven’t done before! I think it’s refreshing to try new activities and ways to love your significant other.

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