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If I were to tell you that choosing what you are going to do with the rest of your life were easy, I’d be lying. One of the toughest things I have ever had to do is sit down and think about choosing a career. For the longest time, I had my heart set on teaching. My dad is a retired teacher and my mom currently teaches; I guess that desire came from them. I love kids and I am a nanny right now; I really enjoy it. But lately, my heart has drifted into a different direction. When I started to think about going a different route I thought, “why are you thinking of changing your major now when you are almost done?” I told myself that it was stupid and a waste of time. And for a while, I felt stuck. I felt down because I thought “I’m 23 years old, still in college and no idea what I want to do!” It just sucked to feel that way and to not know what I wanted to pursue or study. But then I started to think about how young I am and how this IS the time to figure things out. There’s nothing wrong with switching your career path. I have come to find out that it’s so important to choose a career that focuses on what I am most passionate about and NOT expediency.

I want to impact people’s lives

There are so many things I am passionate about, but one of my primary desires is impacting people’s lives with my gifts and talents. I love to help, serve, give advice and be near people. I love to have a conversation and get to know someone, hear about someone’s life and the journey’s they’ve embarked on. Throughout my youth and up until now I have had so many incredible experiences in my life. I have been on countless mission trips, I have vacationed with family, I have moved to another state completely out of my comfort level and I have seen parts of the world that are just breathtaking. As I have journeyed through this scenery of life and seen so much I have realized that my ultimate dream is to travel. The time is now! Traveling has always been a favorite of mine because I love to see places that are new and unfamiliar to me and learn about new cultures, different people groups, and their everyday life-I find it so interesting! I would love to continue to travel but at the same time, work. I know there are no specific majors for that, but that is my ultimate dream. I desire to travel the world and help those in need. I desire to be of assistance in any way I can. I desire to use my talents and gifts in a way that’s purposeful. I desire to see people’s lives changed, that way their goodness can be used for something amazing.

Since I’ve taken a semester off I have been able to think about what I’m most passionate about and what degree would prepare me to work in what I’d like to do. I’ve thought long and hard about this and, well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should choose a degree that is broad. Choose one that can land me multiple jobs in different areas that way I can have some opportunities to see what I like. A Bachelor of Arts in Communications is a degree that can be used for someone to work in different fields that have to do with socializing, interacting, and working with people one on one or in groups. As of right now, this seems like a great direction for me because I love to be around people and most of all talk to them. I love to “communicate” with others and I feel that I will really excel at this. I have yet to begin my classes for this degree. My plan is to begin in the Fall and hopefully finish within 2 years. It seems like I’ve been in and out of college for a very long time now, so my goal is to finish ASAP.

I guess the reason I’m really talking about my career and college journey is to hopefully help people out who are also struggling to stick to a degree or career interest. Because life is full of many options and opportunities, so don’t think that you can’t change your mind. It’s okay to take the time to figure it out and see what you are really passionate about. Even though there are times when I get down on myself because I’ll be entering my 4th year of college and still not graduating, I think about the many things I’ve been blessed to do up until this point, and how the time has allowed me to venture and investigate a new side of myself that will help me select a more practical and perfect career for me.

And writing this blog has helped me come face to face with a new side of myself that I never knew. I love writing and being able to jot my thoughts down. I used to journal a lot back when I was in high school and the thought of someone possibly reading through my stuff, just about terrified me. But now that my sister and I have started this blog where we share our hearts and the hearts of others, I can see how much it has helped me find this little niche that I enjoy, and get to know some parts of myself that I did not know.

Sometimes it just takes a little time

Don’t get down on yourself if you feel lost and unsure of “what you wanna be when you grow up.”; it takes the necessary time to understand and develop an interest in YOURSELF!  There are so many adventures and opportunities out there but you have to seize them. Hey, maybe one day you’ll find yourself interested in something you never thought you would do: a NEW passion!! It’s amazing how life works that way; it unveils to you new aspects of its tapestry that are totally new and exciting. I love how Maya Angelou said it…

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.


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