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Casual Spring And Summer Dresses

It’s starting to warm up! Slowly but surely – and I’m thankful for that. I’m actually more of a cold weather girl than I am hot weather. Except when I say cold, I don’t mean snow or blizzards, I just mean California type fall and winters lol. Anyways, lately here in Houston, we’ve had an awesome spring! It’s been pretty fresh and the humidity has been low, which I love. It’s perfect for sitting outside with a nice glass of horchata and enjoying the weather.

While I’m not looking forward to the high temperatures or high humidities that are in our future, I am looking forward to wearing these dresses that I found at Forever 21! I walked into the store the other day because I needed to find some black jeans and instead I walked out with 4 dresses – no jeans. Haha. Figures. I couldn’t pass them up! I mean, these are cheap summer dresses under 20. In fact, these were all $15 or less! SO GOOD.

I didn’t mean to, but I ended up getting two brown dresses and two black. I kinda wish I would’ve gotten a different color now that I look back, but I just always gravitate to black on black on black lol. Plus, I can always go back and get more, right? 😉

Breezy Cheap Dresses To Fit Any Budget

The Polka Dot Dress

This Brown Polka Dot Dress is my favorite! It’s super comfortable and casual but can be dressed up with some cute heels. The material is so breezy too! It’s the perfect little dress that can go from day date to date night easily. $12.

The Halter Dress

This Black Halter Dress is so easy and casual. I love the halter detail with the simplicity of the cotton material. It’s basic but in black, it can be easily taken up a notch too. $10.

The Mini Dress

This Brown Mini Dress is soo cute and fun! I love the color and the straps. I couldn’t find the exact dress online, so I linked a similar one. $15.

The Bodycon Dress

The last one I got is this Black Bodycon Dress. I love bodycon dresses because I feel like you can accessorize them with a jacket or a top or even a flannel around your waist and it’s super cute. You can obviously also just wear it by itself and it’s a nice statement dress. 

I was so happy about these purchases that I just had to share them with you! Haha. Go get yourself some inexpensive and cute numbers for spring and summer!

Now, I leave you with this: pictures of Aaron making fun of me when I was trying to take these pictures lol. 

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