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The Trek to Find The Best Deodorant – Review

Sami's Deodorant Review


How do we find the best one?

I have never been fully satisfied with a deodorant. I’ve always been half-way happy as nothing seems to really leave me feeling 10o%. I think that finding the best deodorant is so hard, especially because there are so many different kinds. I mean obviously, you have your general store deodorants like Secret, Dove, Degree, Suave. But if you really care about your body and what you put on it, there are natural deodorants that have no Aluminum, no parabens, cruelty-free and dye-free.

Lately, I have been trying to figure out what kind of deodorant I want to start using and the reasons why. Ever since I started wearing deodorant when I turned 12 or 13, I would just use the ones that everyone uses because they are cheap and somewhat get the job done. But now that I am older, I realize there are some key things I look for in a deodorant.

I have been on the trek to finding the best one for about 4 months now and I finally have!

First, I am going to share my list of what I look for in a deodorant and then I’ll go ahead and share my experience using the different types until I finally reveal my favorite!

What I look for in a deodorant

  1. minimal ingredients
  2. aluminum free
  3. no white marks on clothes (this is key for me because I wear a lot of black)
  4. long-lasting wear
  5. covers up perspiration smell

I want to explain what I mean a little more in detail about the 5 things I look for when I am choosing a deodorant. So, I really want to use a deodorant that won’t harm my skin. I have very sensitive skin as some of you may know from my skincare journey posts. I also want a deodorant that can last me all day, that way I don’t have to re-apply. My goal has been to find a deodorant that will do all 5 of these well.

4 Deodorants I Have Tried

1. The first deodorant that I started using was Dove Advance Care in powder form. The label says that it comes on invisible and won’t mark black clothing. However, I have come to learn that this is not true. This deodorant does help to cover up the bad odor smell most of the time, yet it marks every piece of clothing, which is a real pain!

2. The next one I have tried is Degree MotionSense Ultra Clear.  This one says it comes on clear and also doesn’t mark black clothing. I have watched the commercial for this brand and of course, it says that it leaves no marks! But this again is not true. It marked just about everything and was really hard to take off in the shower.

3. The third one I have tried is Secret Outlast Deodorant. This one comes on clear and is the gel type deodorant. Which I thought this will take away the marks on my clothes! I used this one for a while and although it did please me in some ways, it didn’t in others. I had a hard time with it feeling cold and wet under my armpit, and I also felt that it did not give me all day protection.

4. I was pretty excited to try this next deodorant. It was recommended to me and is aluminum free, clear, and has one ingredient! It is called the Thai Crystal Deodorant. There are a few reasons why I did not love this deodorant. It was odorless, which yes sometimes I do like, however it wouldn’t cover up my bad odor. Then after a little bit of time had passed and I had it on, it actually started to smell bad, and I could tell that the smell came from the deodorant. Overall, I wasn’t happy with this deodorant.


The Deodorant I Love

The last deodorant I tried has come to be my absolute favorite! I have been wearing it for about 3 weeks now and it’s been amazing! I found it through Instagram, it is this lady who makes her own and sells it on Etsy. Holly’s Keeping It Real has worked so well! You can choose from 3 different scents, Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Grapefruit. There are only 4 ingredients in it and I can pronounce them! Her deodorant leaves no white marks, covers up odor, and I only need to put it on once for the entire day! It has given me no irritation at all! Although her deodorant is a little pricey, I don’t mind because she makes it in her home from her heart and its done wonders for my armpits! Also a little goes a long way, and the jar will last a long time before needing to purchase again.


I really hope this helps anyone looking for the best deodorant! I have loved this journey and knew that eventually, I would find a deodorant that was perfect for me. Let us know what deodorant you love! -xoxo

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