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Four Desserts We’ll Be Making This Easter

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We love desserts. Anything sweet, decadent, and just to die for, we have to try it. We have such sweet tooths and any chance we get, we like to bake new desserts that catch our attention. Since Easter is right around the corner, we thought we would find some creative desserts and give them a test run! As you begin to plan which ones you will make for your family on Easter, maybe these recipes will give you some inspiration. We know we will be making these for sure. And, all four desserts are unique and different in their own way. So… let’s get started! (Note: the links to each of the recipes are on the titles or if you click the first display picture.)

Chocolate Malt Easter Nest Cake

So this cake immediately caught our eye. First of all, how amazing does that look? Second, it’s a little nest for Easter eggs… super cute. Third, well… it has malt in it! We were a little thrown off about putting malt in a cake, but the end result taste was seriously life-changing. Quimi found the recipe for this cake in a magazine at the grocery store and thought that we should definitely try it out. That topping texture is actually shredded Triscuits covered in chocolate! What the. Weird yet so surprisingly yummy.

There are a few tips we would like to give about this cake,

  1. We advise making the first step of the frosting first and letting it chill in the fridge while you mix and bake the cakes
  2. We think it is best to add more of the wheat biscuits than what the recipe calls for, we realized as we began to assemble it that there was not enough to cover the cake completely, as you can see from our final pictures.
  3. When we started to frost the cake the frosting had separated so it started to melt off the cake which resulted in a not so nice look…we would try not putting malt in the frosting so that the separation doesn’t happen.

Overall, the cake tasted amazing – it was very moist and chocolatey. The flavor was perfect. Although ours did not look 100%, we still loved the taste. Make this cake and let us know what you think! It is a crowd pleaser!


Cookie Dough Easter Eggs w/ M&M’s

How adorable do these little eggs look? Instantly I thought that this recipe will be a perfect finger food Easter dessert. Who doesn’t love cake balls or bite sized things? And then cookie dough? We’re all guilty of eating the cookie dough raw before baking the cookies, am I right?! Well, these are great for any type of party and especially a yummy edible cookie dough bite for kids. It is just the right amount of cookie dough and it tastes incredible. Such a quick recipe, it can be done in about 20 minutes! Don’t miss out on these!

We did not have to make too many adjustments on these eggs, but the only thing we would say is to make them a little smaller because they are so dense and packed with chocolate chips and M&M easter eggs cut up into pieces. These came out wonderfully, are so easy to make and it’s a perfect recipe for kids to help with!

Easter Dirt Cake

LOOK AT THIS! Ahhhh so yum. Once you see the recipe for this dirt cake you will make it ASAP. We love oreos. Oreos on anything are just a YES. So, of course, we wanted to try out this dirt cake, that requires no baking at all and is so quick to make. Once its done all you have to do is chill in the fridge for a few hours and then devour! It is a layer of crushed up oreos as the base, topped with a delightful and heavenly whipped cream/cream chese/vanilla pudding filling. It is amazing! 

Our one thought about this dirt cake was adding fruit on the top to balance out the sweet taste of the filling and oreos. It tasted so good and added this tart-ness that we love. Definitely adding the peeps and easter eggs are great for an Easter celebration, but if you make two you can top the other one with fruit to give another option!


Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

So if anyone knows us, you know that we went through a period of time where we made fruit tarts almost every day. Haha we were obsessed! Well… this is sort of a fruit tart and is perfect to make for those wanting to go the lighter route for an Easter dessert. The base is whatever sugar cookie recipe you love and then topped with a cream cheese filling, with an assortment of your favorite berries on top! It is refreshing and light, yet sweet with the sugar cookie crust. 

Our thought initially, was to copy exactly what the recipe said and make one giant sugar cookie egg, but after the cookie finished baking we decided to cut out smaller eggs for a bite size experience. We topped each cookie with the filling and then berries and it was just as enjoyable.

We had fun times and there were moments where we weren’t sure how it was going to turn out, but that makes it more interesting, right? Give us some feedback if you try these desserts!

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