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3 Fall Fashion Outfits for 2017

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Clothes are definitely a love of mine, but over the years my style has changed. Although for the most part, I’ve stuck to my roots, little by little, my wardrobe has shifted and I wanted to take a minute to share some fall inspired looks that I am into lately.

For those of you who know, we live in Houston, Texas. The weather is not always pretty or breezy or California feeling for that matter. When I lived in California I had the ability to dress for every season properly. There were never any mishaps. I miss those days and I miss Cali, yeah I miss Cali every day. I’m used to sunny days and cold/chilly days when wearing a jacket is totally acceptable. But Houston weather has a whole different idea. Humidity. And it’s just hot, hot, hot all the time. We have it rough out here, but we have to just go with it. Which means sometimes sweating incessantly and being okay with your hair getting frizzy after you straighten it… it’s just insane. So, I’ve learned to just be okay with it and this is what I came up with!

The outfits I decided to show you all today will definitely be adapted to how the weather is here in Houston. Yet, they can definitely be worn during fall anywhere you live. So let’s get to it!

Fall Fashion Outfit #1

My first outfit is chic yet pretty casual, but also could be worn for work or an event or out on the town.

Jeans are Abercrombie & Fitch High Waist Jegging, they currently do not have them in stock anymore but I found some other jeggings that are quite similar, the top is from Zara, here’s a top that is almost the same! My booties are from H&M, they don’t have those exact ones anymore but they have another pair of booties that are so cute too, and my hat is from Forever 21; I found a hat that is fairly similar. This outfit is versatile and comfortable. You could wear it to so many different places and the hat adds flavor and style, which is totally fall approved! I love, love stripes they always add great detail to your everyday top and of course, black jeans are a staple in my closet!

Fall Fashion Outfit #2

Next up is a favorite of mine… Dresses with kicks is one my top go-to’s. I’ve always been sort of a tomboy since I was a kid. I prefer shoes over sandals or heels. In this outfit, the shoes are Old School Vans, and the dress is a basic black dress from Target. The Camo jacket adds such a nice pattern to the outfit and really makes it pop! We don’t have a link for it because it’s a little something, something we’re working on… so stay tuned!

And…sometimes you want to just take off the jacket and you don’t want to hold it… so this is what you do. The perfect little switch up and still makes your outfit look good!

Going back to my previous talk on Houston weather… it is almost 80% of the time acceptable to wear a dress during fall. I remember two years ago on Christmas Eve I wore a dress with no leggings or tights underneath because it was that hot. That is why I decided to share this outfit with you guys because it shows how fall here is not your “typical” fall weather. I have to keep out all my dresses and shorts because some days you just never know what the weather will be like! But this outfit is definitely one of my go-to’s when I am tired of wearing jeans and a shirt. I can always change it up and wear a dress with some cool kicks and throw on a jacket if it’s cold. The perfect combination!

Fall Fashion Outfit #3

This outfit would be considered a little more dressed up but also casual, perfect for day to day activities or evening outings. I love this kimono from Urban Outfitters it is the perfect piece to throw over something basic. They no longer have this exact one in stock but I linked one that is quite similar and cute! The jeans are also fun and different, they are boyfriend fit with frays on the ends and they are from Zara. They don’t have those exact ones in stock anymore, but the ones linked also have that frayed look! Frays are super popular right now and these are the perfect chic pant to sizzle things up a bit! My basic white top is from Forever 21, it is comfy and perfect for any outfit! Last but not least, I loveeeeee these booties I got from Tj Maxx. They are Dolce Vita and have the perfect height heel for me! Here are some booties I found that are just as cute and close to mine! They definitely are game changers and since I bought them, I’ve never taken them off, haha!

You’re going to need some banging makeup looks to go with all your fall outfits, so take a look at our Fall Makeup Hues post from a while back to help you decide which tones go best with your fall outfit! The perfect combo and you’ll look flawless! We’re all beautiful and clothes and makeup are just those extra things we get to do to have fun and be spontaneous! So take some time for you and get some fall fashion looks that you love!

And….there you have it! Three fall fashion inspired outfits for 2017 that are the perfect go-to’s for this Houston weather and any other fall weather! I know so many of you live in colder areas, and I wish I did too, but these are typical falls outfits I would choose living in Houston. I hope these outfits will inspire you or give you ideas for the fall. Let us know what some of your favorite fall clothing pieces are! We’d love to hear about them! -xoxo

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