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Our Favorite Fall MakeUp Hues

Oooooo ooOOooo… Fall makeup! Burgundy’s, browns, tans, purples, mauves, and subtle tones of orange, fall makeup is by far our favorite. And let’s just start out by saying… we are not professional makeup artists. We love getting dolled up, but it doesn’t happen quite often. In fact, Quimi will say that the last time she did her makeup like this was for her wedding almost a year ago, lol. We are so excited to share our favorite fall makeup hues with you guys!  We can all agree here that fall makeup colors are just the best. We loveeeee the fall color hues and we’re so excited to share a little taste of some specific ones we like!

The lippy’s

So we started out by going to our local Target and finding some lip colors that we thought were cute and perfect for the fall. We chose about 5 different colors, however, we only used 2 to go with our makeup looks. Now we’re not ones to buy the most expensive makeup out there. We definitely try our best to find the affordable brands that do the trick. We found these two at Target, they were each $5.99, now that’s a steal compared to other big brand lipsticks! They turned out so great and were nice and creamy on our lips, and also not hard to remove! Those are two things that are very important to us when choosing lipsticks. These two hues are perfect for fall and both are very versatile! Read about all our other favorite lipsticks on our lipstick review!

So we decided to each choose a makeup look that best fit our face shade and one that we thought would look best on us. Quimi can pull off more of the darker hues and shades of rich browns, grays and blacks. I, on the other hand, have fairer skin and can pull off more of the lighter looks with some pops of color. We found some inspiration on Pinterest of different ways to use these colors for shadows and they turned out great!! We loved being able to get all dolled up and take some pics to show you how awesome these hues are for fall. Now I mentioned above how we don’t typically spend a ton of money on makeup supplies, yet, some of the stuff we did use is a little more on the expensive side, but definitely for good reason.

Shadow Time

For the shadows, we used Kylie Jenner’s Bronze Palette,  the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay and the Too Faced Natural Eye palette. The Kylie Jenner palette was a birthday gift from my mom, and the other two are two I bought. They are super useful in the long run and give you a big variety of shades, which we love!

These shadow palettes make all the differenceOur handy-dandy sidekick Maximus Eaves!

Usually, people that have vanities have a fancy to sit on, Quimi’s seat situation is a classy and elegant… Cajon, haha! Anyways, these palettes are amazing and the colors are perfect for those warm fall hues everyone raves about! We also use these palettes on the daily, haha, not just for fall. And not to mention, we both love eyeliner. Our normal daily look is usually just eyeliner and mascara. Rarely do we put eyeshadow, but when we do, we go all out!

The Final Product

So I went with a more orangey/brownish hue for my shadow and added a nice pinkish-brown lip. 

This color came out great! I’m always a little skeptical on eye shadows that are bright and have too much color but this one turned out great! It is a perfect fall tone for a nice day on the town or an everyday look. I used the Kylie Jenner Bronze Palette and the Naked 2 palette. For my inner eye, I used half baked from Naked 2. For around the lid, I did a mix of Citrine and Tiger Eye, and my lip color is a blend of the Stockholm and Berlin lipsticks from NYX, pictured above. 

Quimi’s turned out amazing! The color hue she chose really brings out her eyes and adds some mystery, perfect for a night out or late dinner. Quimi also used the Kylie Jenner Palette; Obsidian under her eye, quartz for top lid base, Jasper for her inner eye, Bronzite for her lid, and Hermatite for her upper lid. She also used the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette; sexpresso and erotica blended to smudge her bottom liner. She is wearing the Berlin color Lipstick above, from NYX.

We really enjoyed getting ourselves all dolled up for this post. We love sharing makeup ideas with you guys and we hope these fall hues will inspire you to add a little color and spice to your makeup look! Of course, we had a candid photo session with our final looks! 

Now, go get yourself a nice little lippy and some bold shadows for the perfect fall look! We love to hear your ideas and insight on makeup things! Let us know what works best for you, and just have fun with it! You are gorgeous xoxo!

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