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9 Best Father’s Day 2018 Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is June 17th! Do you know what you’re getting your dad?

There are so many things that you can get your dad and of course, every dad is different and into different things but there are so many universal ideas of gifts that would be great for every dad. Our Papi is hard working, loving, uplifting and loves to laugh at us and mess with us. We are so blessed to have him as our Papi and to constantly be encouraged and inspired by him daily. He is one of kind that’s for sure and loves all things popcorn, peanut brittle and most of all spending time with people, listening and talking to them. He’s the best at that and if you know him you know that he has a huge heart, full of love and compassion for others. A lot of the gift ideas we have listed are going to be pretty universal but also things our papi would like too. We hope you find them helpful!

9 Things To Get Your Dad This Father’s Day

1.Portable Charger

2. Dress Shirts

Our dad is always in need of a good dress shirt, especially since he wears them often for work. Macy’s has some great deals going on right now and this would be the best time to stock your dad up on some nice dress shirts for the next year.

3.Toiletry Bag

This is so great because our dad is always in need of a new toiletry bag. I actually saw his the other day and thought, “wow I need to get him a new one!” This one is a perfect size and you can even put his initials on it!

4. Wood Phone Organizer

My dad needs all the organization he can get! He has a funny way of keeping things organized, lol. This is an awesome gift idea and it’s so easy and not too pricey! Your dad can use this to hang his watch and put his phone while it’s charging on the nightstand.

5. Your dad’s favorite Cologne 

So for our dad’s birthday last year we decided to get him his favorite cologne. Not to mention how difficult it was, we looked everywhere because he likes this specific one and it was supposedly not sold anywhere but eBay. But the website linked on the titled is a great place to go to find colognes that are cheaper than going to Macy’s or Nordstrom. Our dad loves Oros Pour Homme made with Swarovski Elements if you’d like to check it out.

6. DIY Popcorn Gift Basket

This right up our dad’s alley! He LOVES popcorn. Seriously eats it almost every day. Over the years he’s really into making his own popcorn at home from scratch, so we thought this would be a great idea to give him as a gift so that he can make popcorn at home all the time.

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Our dad loves listening to his oldies music! Now that he’s getting a little older this would be a great gift for him! The perfect headphones to cancel out noise and give your dad the best music listening experience.

8.Summer Sandals

Get your dad some comfortable flip flops for all the summer adventures! Amazon has some great finds for some good prices! We all know dads hardly think about these things!

9.Writing Journal

 We hope all of these ideas for Father’s Day help you choose the best gift for your dad! -xoxo

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