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Some of My Favorite Things

Favorite Things Post

I love trying new things.

I’ve always been the type of person to try things that are weird, different, or out of the ordinary. It keeps life exciting and surprising which I think is fun. I especially love doing this with food, but today I’m gonna talk about four things I am really loving right now. These four things are all different from one another, they are all in different categories as far as beauty, health, fashion and things for life. These are all things I use every single day that I love and really enjoy.

Some of my favorite things

1. Kristen Ess Leave in Conditioner

I love leave-in conditioners! I have been using one for a while ever since my hair lady gifted it to me a long time ago. This can do miracles for your hair and can really help if your hair has been damaged and needs some reviving. It leaves my hair shiny and soft after I use it. Try it out if you are looking for a new leave-in conditioner! What is also so great about this product, is that they sell it at Target! That is where I bought mine!

2. Airpods

Okay, I know there is so much talk about Airpods and people saying they don’t like them for whatever reason, but I LOVE mine!!! They are literally a lifesaver everywhere I go! I don’t have to worry about using chorded headphones that get all twisted or whatever, I don’t have to worry about the fact that I have an iPhone 8 and if my phone is dying then I cant use my headphones because I need to charge it. They are super convenient, they fit really well in my ear, the sound quality is amazing, they are just the best. I am a student so they really come in handy when I am at school walking through campus and heading to my next class. I totally recommend them! 

3. Charcoal Tooth Polish

This stuff is amazing and really does work!! I have heard so much about charcoal and that it whitens your teeth but I would think, “h0w can something so black make my teeth so white?” I didn’t believe it until I actually tried it! It works! And it worked on the first time I used it.
I received this as a gift from my best friend for my birthday and I was just so excited to try it out! But I definitely recommend because it does the trick!

4. Bible YouVersion App

I have been using this bible app ever since I got an iPhone. This app makes it really convenient and easy to read the bible every day. I really try to do this every morning when I wake up and it helps get my day started and encourages me to have a positive attitude as I go about my day. One of my favorite parts of this app is that it will read the bible to you.  So if you are on the go and don’t have time to read it yourself, you can just play the audio and hear it being read to you! I love reading myself, but there are times when I do take advantage of this feature. Another thing I love is using highlights and their notes area. You can highlight any verse that you want with any color and if you have an account (it’s free) then you get all of your highlights saved in one space! That way you can go back to them later, which I do very often. 

The play button circled is how you start the audio reading of each chapter. Again, it’s so nice to listen sometimes!

The search area really comes in handy! When you aren’t sure what verse you are thinking of you can just type a part of it in the search bar and it will definitely find the one you are looking for!

These are just a few of some things that I am loving right now! What are some of yours? We’d love to hear from you! – xoxo

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