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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only sister QUIMITAS! I want to share some throwback pictures of Quimi and I when we were little kids and also share how much I love my beautiful, hilarious, and fun sister. Quimi was born today, May 23rd, 29 years ago and 5 and 1/2 years later I came along and met my older, cool sister. I was stoked. I used to want to do everything Quimi did; I loved to copy her and be around her when she was with her friends. I was a nosy kid t0 say the least. And I am pretty sure Quimi was so excited to have a little sister. Time to share some old pictures of Quimi in her glory days, haha. So get ready!

Let me start off with a few pictures of Quimi and our family when we were little babes. Some days I just wish we could go back here – best time of my life!

Look at those chubby cheeks! Quimi has been known for her cheeks since she was this little babe, haha. She was a cutie. And I’m pretty sure she’s hiding some food in there for later… lol. 

I think Quimi is a little terrified of this clown, haha. Dang, I would be too!

These were the good old days! As I reminisce through these memories it makes me appreciate the gift of sibling hood. Our lives have been filled with love and joy and I am thankful for the time Quimi and I had together when we were younger and how our relationship now has cultivated into something sweet, fun and close knit. Some people think we are twins, although there are almost 6 years between us, they say we loo and talk alike, lol. But sometimes we say the same things at the exact same time! Its crazy weird! haha I love my sister.

We’ve changed so much. I love all the moments that were shared in these pictures; it’s basically our lives in four pictures haha. We love to travel, hang, go to sports games, celebrate big events and lead worship together. I cherish each of these moments with my sister and today I celebrate her being born and being an amazing role model for me.

Quimi’s life today is so different. She’s married and has two pups that are the cutest, funniest pups in the world (in my opinion). They love their mommy and daddy! Quimi and Aaron got married last November, and I am so happy my sister found her soul mate and best friend. It’s been amazing to see them as a married couple now.  

Woah, I love my familia; super thankful and blessed. I hope these pictures give you a little glimpse into our lives. I love you Quimi and I look up to you everyday. I love this life I live and especially that I have a sister to constantly look up to and be absolutely ridiculous with, haha. You are my best friend and the best sister I could ask for! Thanks for always having my back and being an amazing support in my life. Feliz Cumple Bebeeee!

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