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Hat Outfit Ideas For Spring

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You know what? When I lived in California, I used to always say that fall was my favorite season of the year. Now that we live in Texas, I’m starting to think spring is my new favorite time of year. The fall weather here is just not what it is in California, but the spring weather is soooo lovely. This year especially, the fresh weather has held on and I’m loving it.

We love wearing hats pretty much year round. Whether it’s a large brim fedora, a floppy beach hat, a baseball cap or a beanie, we love styling them different ways and with different outfits. We try to buy hats that we can wear any season and so besides beanies, all the hats we show today are ones we wear in the colder temperatures too, we just style them differently for spring and warmer weather.

A good hat is versatile and gives that perfect accent to your look. Sami loves to wear this large brim fedora with casual and dressier outfits. It adds that extra style to a casual look and it can make dressier outfit fun and spunky. With these types of hats, I would suggest choosing the one that’s right for your face. Some fedoras have smaller brims and some are not as tall on the dome. Depending on what you like or what looks good on your face, you may feel like a different fedora is right for you. We love this hat style and feel like we can change it up to work with a variety of outfits.

Sami got this hat at Forever21 and they don’t have it anymore, but I found a similar one at PacSun.

My fedora is black with a subtle western flare around the dome. For me, I generally wear hats when my hair is either dirty or not cooperating, haha. I rarely wear a hat if I have freshly washed hair or if my hairstyle looks good. So I love that I can just put on this fedora when I’m having a not so good hair day and I still look put together.

As far as my hairstyle underneath, I like to wear it a few different ways. With this casual outfit, I chose to wear it on the back of my head with my hair falling in front a little.

With this dressier outfit, I wore it further down on my head with my hair framing my face on the sides. I love spicing up a dress like this bodycon with this fedora. I bought this one at Urban Outfitters a while ago, but I found a similar one at Forever21

Sometimes, if my hair is being extremely uncooperative, I wear this hat with a low bun or a side fishtail braid. 

Sami’s next hat is a black floppy one that is great for a beach day or a road trip. This one she is wearing is a felted wool hat, but if you’re looking for more of a summery look, you can get a woven one. The wool hat is nice because it can be worn in different seasons, even in cooler temps. This first way that Sami dressed it up is with this super cute maxi dress and some sandals. This outfit looks so effortless. 

The second way she worked it is with this jean shirt and casual tee. If you’re looking for a woven hat, we found this one at Target and if you’re looking for a wool one like Sami’s, this one at Lulu’s is very similar.

Last are baseball caps and this camo Astros one is my current fave. Of course, we love wearing caps with workout clothes or a casual outfit, but I also like wearing them with a dress for a cute and sporty feel. I would wear this outfit to a sports game or a night out with friends or something like that. I pretty much wear this Astros camo hat with anything, haha. 

And we couldn’t talk about hats without showing one of our very own Love & Tacos caps! We love this distressed trucker hat with jeans, yoga pants, a dress, whatever! You can purchase this hat right here on our website!

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