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Gift Idea: Holiday Treats!

Christmas Goodie Gift Idea

I would have to say that my favorite holiday treat is…all of them. Haha. Really, I can’t decide. I feel like that’s the best part of holiday food for me though, I don’t have to!! There are so many options and so many different kinds of goodies.

Most years, I’ve tried to make goodie gifts for people in my life. I mean, who doesn’t love being gifted treats? It’s a fun, easy gift that pretty much all people will enjoy. I’ve given them to coworkers and fellow worship bandmates and friends!

Earlier this year in July, we bought a house and so we are still the newbies to our neighborhood of mostly retired couples. So I decided to make some goodies gifts for our courtyard neighbors and Aaron’s coworkers at Marketing Refresh this year. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love the Holidays more for giving gifts rather than receiving them. I love thoughtful and intentional gifts, even the most simple ones are so sweet.

Goodie Gifts

If you would like to make these fun treat gifts, these are the simple questions you will need to ask yourself:

Of course, you don’t have to bake everything from scratch. You could buy a bunch of fun treats that are less time consuming to bake and put it together all cute and nice. It really is the thought that counts with these.

After I baked everything and had them all ready to put together, I lined the tins with tissue paper and put an assortment of the goodies in there.

Such a fun surprise of delicious treats! The pups were wishing they could have some. Maybe the next goodie gifts will be for them haha.

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