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We CANNOT wait until we finally get to start furnishing our house! Aaahh. I’m so antsy! Lol. Currently, we are living in a dusty, dusty, super dusty house with the whole downstairs completely under construction. The living room at least now finally has walls, lights and a beam. However, the floors are all raw concrete since we removed the tile and the walls and ceilings definitely need some serious TLC since we removed the popcorn ceilings. It’s crazy, guys. We basically live in our bedroom right now as we are finishing projects, slowly. Haha.

I am so very thankful that we are remodeling our home this way – doing most of it on our own and paying for it as we go as opposed to racking up debt – but it has definitely come with its challenges. Haha. Not gonna lie. It really takes some special qualities to do it this way. If you don’t already have them, this will build it in you because you need patience, perseverance, a good attitude and a positive outlook. I know I’ve said it before, but Aaron and I have been so grateful to do this in our newlywed season of marriage because it has taught us how to work together, encourage one another and push each other on.

So, to keep the hopes up and the inspiration flowing, I thought I would share with you some of our home decor inspo because all we’ve been doing is dreaming about what our home will look like someday! So fun!

Home Decor Ideas

I love this these colors, those pillows and that rug!!

These are the floors we are looking to put in. We are so excited about NuCore flooring because it’s 100% waterproof, has a cork backing so it doesn’t require a layer beneath it and it’s glue-free installation! We are itching to get floors in downstairs!

One thing that living in construction zone has helped us realize is that we definitely want to keep things minimalistic. When you live with no furniture and no nice things for a while, you realize how much decorative things are not necessary. Haha. Granted, we still will decorate our house, but we want to keep it minimal, clean and open. I also love the rug in this picture too.

Our beam installation finally is the right size and it’s looking good. We do have some pieces left over though, so we are hoping to make a light fixture that looks something like this with our leftover cedar. I’m so excited!!

And the rest of it, will be used for our fireplace mantle! Currently, our fireplace brick is painted white. We are hoping to be able to scrape the paint off with a method we found online (cross your fingers with us that it will work). If it does, the brick in this picture might be what it will look like. The other day we went window shopping at this amazing rustic furniture store by our house called The Home Source. We fell in love with basically everything lol. This table is something similar to what we’re thinking for our dinning room. I dig some of this vibe! What would you call it? Desert chic? Aaron and I are drooling over couches like these and those lamps are so dreamy too! Our backyard has some serious potential and I hope we can bring it to it’s true potential! I keep thinking of this picture whenever I think about our backyard. We have a little patio that has some fake grass felt stuff and I wanna build a deck on that space and make it feel something like this! It would be so fun to chill out there!

There you have it, some of my inspo that keeps me going during our home renovation. We’re getting there! Just gotta keep on making progress! Thanks for stopping by!

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