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Home Renovation Update: Beam & Lights

What a journey it has been thus far on our home renovation! It’s crazy because on one end, I feel like it’s going by so slow and on the other, I feel like I can’t believe how far we’ve come. If you have been following along with our home reno posts, you’ve been able to see the progress along with us. If not, here are links to them so you can catch up if you’d like 😉

We have been working super hard to meet our goals for home renovation costs and to do many projects on our own. This update is going to be about the load bearing beam that I talked about in the living room update post. We finally got the beam up soon after the sunk-in living room was filled up. Unfortunately, that beam ended up cracking after it was installed and needed to be replaced. Our structural engineer said we needed a 12in x 4in thick beam in order to support the weight of that whole side. After much waiting and waiting, we finally got the second beam installed and the sheetrock replaced to close the walls that were torn down. They still need to be taped and floated, but we’re getting closer! Haha. It’s important to stay positive 😉 Now we can finally see where the walls are and start to picture what our living room will look like!

The other thing we did was install new recessed lighting. Our living room and kitchen had very little light and because we wanted our house to feel bright and clean, we decided to get an electrician to put more lighting. We installed a total of 37 new lights!

They make all the difference! Plus, they are LED – we chose the white light as opposed to the warm. It was crazy how once we got them put in, we realized how dark our house really was lol. I guess back in the 70s and 80s people plugged in lamps for more lighting which is why one great room only had a center light fixture. We’re excited about this simple renovation and the big difference it will make!

There it is! Our latest update. It’s so great to see the walls up and now we are starting to imagine how we will furnish and arrange furniture. I love dreaming about our home together with my man. This whole experience of remodeling our home and thinking of our future family has been amazing. I’m so thankful.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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