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Life Update: Excuse Me…PARTY OF 3 PLEASE?!

Hey hey hey! It’s been a while since we’ve posted a blog because well…life has been busaaaayyy. Haha. But we’re back and I wanted to share some exciting news! As I shared in our last Life Update, Aaron and I moved to Southern California a month ago and have been LOVING our new city and community.

We found a great house that’s just 3 minutes from our new church. I’ve really been enjoying my new job at The Crossing, leading worship for the beautiful people there and getting to know my new co-workers that I get to serve with. Aaron has been loving working from home and not renovating a house lol. AND, we live so close to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach – a total DREAM!! Our pups freaking love the beach. They totally have turned into beach babes haha. Here are some photos of our new place.

Now What About That Update?!

As you can see, there is a whole lot of newness going on and we are getting used to it all. Well, on top of all of that, we were very surprised to find out that WE ARE PREGNANT! We definitely didn’t plan for all of this to happen at once lol, but we are SO grateful to God for His generous gift of letting us add to our little family. We still can’t believe it and we’re honestly still getting used to the thought of having a little one around in just a few short months!!

I tried to get a cute picture of the dogs with the ultrasound photos, but this is the best I could get lol. They look mad because I kept telling them to “stay” and not bite the picture.

Our little gift will arrive early March 2019!! We decided that instead of doing a gender reveal party (because it would be hard to do since our families are now so far away), we would find out the gender at the doctor’s office but we still wanted to surprise our families! So, we bought them cupcakes with the indicating color inside so that they could experience a fun gender reveal!! If you’d like to see the videos of our family being surprised, check out my FB post. Guys…WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!! 


A sweet little baby girl!!! I can’t believe it. Here we go!

We are so incredibly grateful and so excited for this new season.

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