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Metallica – WorldWired Tour 2017 In Denver, CO

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Recently, I posted on my personal Instagram account about how love has changed me in big ways and in small ways. I shared about how loving Aaron has made me more courageous, more organized, more selfless and more trusting in the One who holds everything together. I would call those the bigger ways in which loving him has changed me. The smaller ways that I was referring to were things like taking interest in the things he likes and suddenly doing things that I never thought I would be doing. In the picture, I was referring to Star Wars as I was drinking coffee from a Star Wars mug. This week, it was GOING TO METALLICA WORLDWIRED TOUR 2017!

Now, I didn’t grow up listening to Metallica. Honestly, growing up, all I listened to was Christian music and the only artists that I listened to that weren’t considered Christian were Selena, Shakira, Luis Miguel and anything Motown because my dad claims he got his “smoothness” from listening to them. Haha.

When I met Aaron, we instantly clicked on a bunch of things, but there were also a bunch of things that we had to learn for each other. He has learned to appreciate Latin music and has stepped out of his comfort zone to learn how to dance for me. I’m so thankful, I love it! A man who can dance is so attractive, riiiiight?! And I have learned to appreciate Sci-Fi movies (even though I still fall asleep in many of them lol) and have gotten more into rock n’ roll. It’s a beautiful thing, loving someone else and learning what makes them happy.

So we are here in Colorado once again and this time, we are here to lead worship at a camp for Cru which is a community that connects teens and young adults to Jesus Christ through events, trips and trainings. The Camp is in Estes Park and as we were preparing to book flights, we decided come up a few days earlier to spend time with our family here. Then, we discovered that Metallica was playing in Denver the same week! We were pumped!! My brother-in-law Mark and his wife Angela joined us and we had the best, most amazing night checking off an item from both Aaron and Mark’s bucket lists!

We got tickets on the field level general admission standing only section and it was so much fun! We got in and the energy in the whole place was electric! Everyone there was so pumped to be there, of course. Metallica has been around for 36 years! That’s incredible. There were people there from all generations enjoying the same show! The guys in these pictures below just jumped in our photos, haha. This is the succession of us realizing they were getting closer, especially that guy getting cuddly on Aaron’s shoulder lol.

The concert got started and it was just as epic as you would expect. The screens were larger than life and made you feel like you were so close no matter where you were in the stadium. One of the things I loved that James Hetfield (lead singer) said was something to the effect of “We don’t care who you are, where you came from, what color you are, or what political party you follow, you’re here to rock with us and you are all Metallica family.” It’s so amazing how music has the power to unite people from all different walks of life.

At about four songs in, the momentum was really starting to build and then all of a sudden, it starts sprinkling a little bit and the band gets off stage while a man comes on over the speakers saying, “Everyone, please seek shelter, we are receiving a lightning storm warning.” As you can expect, people were booing and pretty bummed out. We kept thinking it would pass quickly, but it lasted a decent amount of time. Mark wore the perfect shirt for this part of the concert as his said, “Ride The Lightning” haha, but like Metallica commented on their Instagram, they only want people “ride the lightning” figuratively, not literally. Haha. We had to find ways of dodging the rain. Some people stayed in their spot, but we tried different things like sharing one pancho with 12 people and finally making it into the concourse to see the news broadcast about the Metallica concert weather delay.

After about 40 minutes, the weather cleared up and they announced that the concert would resume! Honestly, once I heard that there was going to be a delay and knew people were getting bummed out about it, I thought to myself that people would get restless and start getting a little rowdy. To my surprise, the whole transition from seeking shelter to everyone returning to their seats was so smooth! People were all pretty calm and nice to one another. I saw a few burley men crouched down, trying to hide from the rain and plenty of strangers just bunching together under panchos and tarps to stay dry. It was pretty cool. When Metallica got back on stage, they were super appreciative to everyone for sticking it out and sincere about their desire to still give a good show.

This was easily the most epic concert I have ever been to! Though I don’t agree with some of the lyrics, they put on a killer show, their music is awesome, they’ve been around for so long and you can just tell how thankful they are to get to do what they love. I was so impressed by that. Also, I got to see my husband light up. This has been on his bucket list since he was in high school and I feel so blessed that I got to experience it with him. Happy husband, happy wife, happy life.

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