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A Mother’s Day Throwback

Mother Daughter Lake

Quimi and Sami as babiesWay back when we looked like these two little farts, our mom was just as stylish, beautiful and funny as she is now. She is strength and encouragement packaged in a cute little body and we are so thankful for her every day and especially today – Mother’s Day. We decided that today, we’d like to take a stroll down memory lane and share some little throwback gems with you.

Of course, we need to start at the beginning, by looking at both of our parents. I mean, look at those guys and those fashion choices. Very nice. Mustache on fleek, metallic dress on fleek, everything is good here.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby with the chubbiest, squishiest cheeks you’ve ever seen. Yeah, that’s me. One of my nicknames growing up was “cachetona” (chubby cheeks). My cheeks were famous. I mean, but enough about my cheeks, look at my mom – so happy and cute with her 80s-teased and substantially hair-sprayed bangs. So fetch, mom.

Here are more 80s hair and fabulous fashion choices by my mom and Nina (godmother). I’m just chillin there with my ruffle dress thinking, “Raise your hand if you think their hair is too big.” Lol.

As much as I’m making fun of this hair and fashion, my mom was and still is someone that I have always looked up to for those types of things. She was the best at doing hair (even though I rarely let her do mine cuz I was such a tomboy as a kid and only wanted to wear hats), she was always in tune with fashion (as ridiculous as it was), and she could pull off anything (obvi). Look at those puffy sleeves! (And my dad’s closed eyes lol he was too happy) 

Enter Sami. When I was six, my mom had Sami and we all loved her for a couple months, but then got tired of her crying and gave her away. Just kidding lol. She was cool. Though we had a pretty big age gap between the two of us, my mom always did a great job of giving us the right attention, discipline and wisdom that we each needed at our time. She even let me swim in lakes fully clothed like a little weirdo coming out looking like I got lost in the wilderness and they found me hitch-hiking off the highway. (See second picture below)

She learned a lot from her mom who supported us in the many things we were a part of and cared for us since we were babies. I still can sing the song my Nana made up to try to get Sami and our little cousin Christian (pictured above in the dope red overalls) to go to sleep. My Nana was a wonderful woman and we miss her very much.From school award ceremonies to family vacations, tennis tournaments, weddings and graduations, we are so thankful to have the strong support and guidance of our amazing Mami. 

She has endured our “I-know-it-all” teenage years, supported us through tough seasons, encouraged us to persevere when we didn’t want to, taught us to strive to live in the balance of confidence and humility, been patient with us when she didn’t want to, and showed us by example what it looks like to be a loyal, God-fearing wife and a strong, faith-filled mother. We are honored to be her daughters and hope to be like her when we grow up.

To all the mothers reading this, know that you are loved, treasured and appreciated more than you realize. We need you. Be strong, be confident, be humble, be forgiving, be you. You are worth far more than diamonds.

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