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Our Furrbabies – National Dog Day

In honor of the two puppy loves in our lives, we are celebrating by posting a little somethin-somethin on National Dog Day because we love them so much! Currently, we are “hunkering down” in Houston to stay safe from Hurricane Harvey, but earlier this week we had a chance to take our little furbabies out for a fun day before the bad weather started to roll in. These little crazies love walks at Buffalo Bayou Park where they get to chase bugs and ducks and runners lol.

All growing up, we sisters always wanted a dog! We wanted one so so sooo bad. My dad, however, didn’t like dogs for some reason. I think he had a traumatizing experience with one when he was a kid and it made him not want to be around dogs, let alone allow us to have one. No matter how much we begged.

So when Aaron and I first got our baby girl Cali, he was a little weirded out. I was nervous that he would always be uncomfortable around her, but it wasn’t long before he fell in love. And when we got our second pup Max just 6 months later…he was excited too, haha. We converted him. Dog love for sure. My parents love them so much that they ask how the pups are doing before they ask how we’re doing lol. It’s cute.

I love how our pups have won us all over with their unique personalities. Cali is sweet and sassy. She loves to cuddle and needs attention. I mean, neeeeddss attention. Aaron is definitely her favorite as she just melts whenever he’s around lol. Before we added Max, I was afraid we wouldn’t find another pup with a fun personality, but Max is wild and has a mind of his own. When we first brought him into our family, he was not a cuddler and he did not like to submit to us. Slowly though, we broke him down with love haha. He is such a sweet boy and totally surrenders to our cuddles now. I mean, he has to lol.

Cali and Max are total BFFs and do everything together. It was so hot the other day on our walk, so they were finding every shady area to stop and rest together. And of course, we just take pictures of them doing anything haha. They’re so cute, we can’t help it!

Max was watching the cars go by and then caught me spying on him lol.

After our walk, we decided to buy them some special treats from Sprinkles Cupcakes! I didn’t even know they had cupcakes made specifically for dogs! They were so cute and the pups devoured them in one bite! They do that to nearly everything.

Dogs are such a gift. They are loving, forgiving and loyal. The way they are always so excited to see us in the morning or when we come back from work is one of the best feelings. The way they come up and just lay their heads in our laps when we’re watching TV or working on our laptops is so rewarding. I think the world might be a better place if we all had the outlook on life that dogs do.

“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

– Robert Wagner

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