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How Do You Find Your Purpose?

How Do You Find Your Purpose? 2


What does it mean to have a purpose?

Webster Dictionary’s definition of purpose: something set up as an object or end to be attained.

Do we all have a purpose…? How do I figure out what my purpose is…?

These are questions I’ve asked myself daily because as I go through my life I ponder and wonder what was I made for?

I believe that each person on this earth is made for greatness. I believe that life is a continuous roller coaster of highs and lows but, we are still made for good, to do good and be good no matter what we are faced with.

And in the midst of all that, we have a choice to make. The desire to make the right one is completely up to us, it’s up to you.

One might think, purpose? No there’s no way I have a purpose, and there were times where I didn’t think I had one. There were times when I didn’t know when or how I would figure out what my purpose is. In order to figure out what your purpose is, you need to explore, seek opportunities, and try new things that challenge you. It is important to do these things because, within that time, your purpose will be revealed.

3 main ways to find your purpose

We all have these 3 things, gifts, talents, and skills. But there comes a time when you have to figure out what they are. As you begin your journey, you will try new things that challenge you, things that are out of your comfort zone, things that you are unsure about; whatever it may be you could be one step closer to finding your purpose.

1. Gifts: things you do naturally

We all have gifts that are given to us. Natural, without a lot of force, are things that we do, are called gifts. We do them daily, we may not know that this certain aspect of our life is a gift, however, once you figure out what this gift is, you’ll see how easy, fun and enjoyable it is for you. The way you figure out your gift is by trying new things. Sports, activities such as singing or playing instruments, extracurriculars, maybe socializing with people, giving advice, etc. Anything that is an action or shows off your character, could possibly be a gift.

My gift is singing. I never took any professional lessons or had to learn how to sing. I started singing on my own when I was 12 and it came so naturally to me. I didn’t even know how to, really, per say, yet I just did it and over time I have practiced more and more on singing as my craft. I love to do it, it is enjoyable for me, it is easy and I am very passionate about it.

2. Talents: things you work on

A talent is something you are good at but have to work harder to continue to flourish in it. I would say my talents are when I played volleyball, it didn’t necessarily come naturally to me, I had to work extra hard to be a good player. I had to take time to work on my athleticism and be a great player on the court. I may have been a little talented but I still needed to put in the time to be good.

3. Skills: things you attain or learn to do over time

Skills can be anything you learned to do from the start. I’ve learned so many skills over time because I either had to or I wanted to. Like learning how to type on a computer, writing cohesive essays, learning to drive, etc. Anything you acquire for the first time and continue to do throughout your life are skills.

Once you go through these 3 points, figuring out what your purpose is will be way easier. The awesome thing about finding your purpose is that it will be genuinely you. As long as your purpose is exactly what you are passionate about, what you love and what you will give 110% to, then that’s it.

We ALL have a purpose in this life. And the purpose that each one of us has is particular and special and makes us who we are. All that to say, you take your purpose and live it out boldly. Do it well and know that you are important, you matter, what you do is unique and good and helpful to others. Because at the end of the day we want to come home and be happy, fulfilled and thankful for the purpose we live out every single day.

I hope this topic might be relevant to some! It is so important and will make us stronger and more confident as human beings walking through life. Have you found your purpose? We’d love to hear from you -xoxo!


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