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My Skincare Journey: Part 3

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As I write part 3 of my journey with acne, I am amazed at where I am now and how far I’ve come with my skin. It’s been a crazy ride having to learn what works best for my skin and what doesn’t. It’s definitely taught me a lot of patience, how to wait for results and just let my face go through what it goes through, which isn’t easy, right?! But for real, it’s been hard, there have been many tears and moments of complete sadness, I honestly would freak out and have a temper tantrum because I hated having so many pimples. I’m here to tell you today that my skin has overcome all of these obstacles! I cannot believe how much my skin has changed since my last post!

Catch up on where my journey started:

You’ll be so surprised when you hear me say that I have done nothing for about 2 or 3 months!!! I no longer take an antibiotic, or any medication at all, no creams or ointments or treatments!! It’s been amazing to give my skin a rest and to just let it heal from all the damage that’s been caused. I truly feel that not doing anything for my acne has allowed it to clear up so much faster! I haven’t noticed my skin being this clear in a longggg time, it’s pretty exciting! I can’t tell you how great it feels to have one of your family members say, “wow Sami, your skin has really cleared up!” I am just thrown at how much it has changed and how my pimples have simply disappeared! I feel relieved and so free from all of the ointments and daily pills, it has been a crazy 3 years dealing with acne but I’m so happy to say that it is starting to clear up and I am seeing results!

Two things I am loving right now for my skin

So what I’ve come to find out is that my skin needed a break and this is what has worked! I wash my face every night with the lightest cleanser. The cleanser I use is called Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser it has no exfoliating beads or harsh ingredients, it is light and really soothes my face when I use it. Its the only cleanser I have been using consistently for 3 years. It also removes makeup really really well, which is a huge bonus! Then, when I wake up in the morning I don’t wash my face with soap, I simply wash my face with a little hot water and then cold water and it works great! I basically just wake up my skin in the morning and make sure I get all my eye boogies out, haha!

The second thing I love right now that I love is my liquid foundation! I have been using Josie Maran for about a month and a half now and it’s amazing! I used to use cover FX and yes it worked great, but I love switching it up and finding new foundations that are good for my acne-prone skin. Josie Maran is really light, does not feel cakey and matches my skin really well. It is at Sephora if you’d like to give it a try!

These past two and half months of really giving my skin a rest have taught me so much about learning and being patient in a process of change. Since I have been dealing with acne for 3 years, I have done it all and I’ve had really hard moments of sadness and feeling down about my skin never clearing up again ( yes those thoughts will creep in). I have realized that I need to patient with my skin and do different things that will really help it heal. My next battle is going to be finding natural ways to clear all the scars I have from previous acne. I have quite a bit of scarring around my mouth that accumulated since the very beginning! So, its time to say “later scars!”

If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear them! -xoxo

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