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3 Ways To Wear My Go-To Summer Jean Shorts

Sweater Casual 1

Summer is hereeeeee! I love all things summer from the clothes to the food, to the adventures, to traveling, to hanging with family, it’s all so fun!  It’s the time when you can just plan a barbecue and invite your closest friends, just because you want to.

It’s also the time for cute summer outfits that keep you looking fly but also cool as summers can be hot! Finding the best summer outfits can be challenging at times, especially for us, because we live in Houston Texas and the weather is super unpredictable. Just yesterday it was pouring and thundering at 85 degrees, like whaaaatt?!

Yeah pretty ridiculous, but there are a few amazing pieces I have gotten recently that I really want to share because they are killer deals!!! Our mom has always taught us since we were young about how to shop and find the good prices, lol. Ever since I could remember, we’d walk into a store, I’d show her a shirt or jeans, and she’d tell me, “Is it on sale?” haha. So I’ve bee trained pretty well and usually always look for items on clearance.

Recently, I’ve been really into Abercrombie & Fitch. Let me tell you, this store is not my usual style at all. However, their jeans and jean shorts fit me the best than anything else I’ve tried!

Side note: my body has changed a lot over the years so my size in jeans has fluctuated a little bit here and there. Their jeans are the only ones that seem to fit just right. 

Anyways, every time I buy jeans or shorts from there, they are always, always on sale! And usually, the sale is BOGO 50% off or something of that nature. Which is a HECK YES for me.

My favorite summer shorts

Here are the shorts and they come various different colors online, I also have them in the ripped medium wash. They go great with everything and they fit really well!

Now I will show you three different outfits with the same shorts. I chose three different tops that go great with the shorts and each outfit is different than the other. Here we go!

Off the Shoulder Semi-Casual Outfit

I love these shorts paired with this top! I also got it from Abercrombie and Fitch and it is on sale! They still have so many in stock and in various colors so go snag one! It is $10 bucks!

It’s the perfect summer top when you want to look a little dressier and make something pop! The material is super comfortable and it’s so cute paired with these shorts and my western belt. My sandals are FRYE and I got them at Macy’s online for about $50 bucks which are the most I’ve ever spend on some sandals, but these are so worth it. I would link them for you here but I could not find them anywhere, I am pretty sure they are from last yeas collection.

Summer Day Knitted Tank Outfit

I love this outfit! The top was about $12 bucks from Forever 21! They no longer have this light pink color online but they do have others! Its loose, versatile, comfy, and pairs so well with these shorts! My sandals are Steve Madden and I got them at Macy’s for $20 bucks! 

If it were to get a little chilly out on a summer night I would easily put on this light grey sweater I got from Target on sale for $13 bucks! The perfect sweater steal and it is so lightweight but provides the perfect amount of warmth!

Comfy Casual Chill

This is definitely something I wear on the usual basis during the summer. My go-to chill outfit with a comfy tee, the perfect jean shorts and my old skool vans. I’ll wear this for work, or for a nice summer day with family, or while running errands!

I absolutely love sharing my looks with you guys and I hope you enjoy these deals and outfits! Let us know what your favorite summer go-to pieces are, we’d love to hear it! – xoxo

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