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The Art Of Letting Go

The Art Of Letting Go 1

Life moves in seasons. It ebbs and flows in unexpected ways and to be honest, I’m selfish and I only like it when it flows in my favor. Just being real. (Maybe you thought this was going to be some super inspirational post, filled with the perfect Pinterest aesthetic quotes, but it’s gonna be just me talking because I haven’t written one in a while and I had the day off today.)

Expectations are funny. A lot of times I feel like all they ever do is let me down. So I decided to start letting them down before they can let me down…because the main thing I have learned, is that in every season – high or low – I need to continually remind myself to LET GO.

To let go of my






desire to be “right”

desire to “understand”

The list goes on. Somewhere deep inside each of us is the longing to feel safe. So we hold on to things that we think will help us feel some sort of security and control but the craziest thing is that it’s in the letting go where we are safest. When we let go, we can learn to live freely and lightly…to find ourselves in the unforced rhythms of grace.

This is a post that I made a few weeks ago when I was reflecting on God’s faithfulness to me in my previous seasons. Lately, I’ve been realizing more and more just how beautiful it is to trust Him in the unknown.

May we never lose our wonder:: It’s wild what can happen when you step out in faith and step into the unknown. Moving to California was never on our radar. It’s too expensive, everyone is actually moving from California to Texas, not the other way around. But we did it anyway. Because we knew God was in it. Because part of the wonder of God is that the unknown is known to Him and we need only to trust.
It’s been a year since we’ve been here, and God is doing things that are way better than I expected. And they’re all in my heart. See, what I’ve been learning in this season is that part of the wonder of God is that He is the dreamer.
We think we have big dreams and that we’re dreamers when the fact is, He is the giver of dreams and the ultimate Dreamer.
When I first started playing music, I had a ton of dreams. Then some things happened in the last ten years that, honestly, let me down and led me to believe I had to let go of those dreams.
So I did. It took a few years to let them go, but I really thought I wasn’t going to see them.
Ten years later, God calls me to move back to California with my husband and preggo self and He basically says, “Don’t lose your wonder, I’m doing a new thing.”
He heard me as a teen writing journals full of prayers, telling Him all of my dreams. He saw me in my early twenties when I let go of those dreams because I thought they would never be. And now He’s giving them back and reminding me of the things I prayed for 13 years ago.
The dreams don’t look exactly how I envisioned them, but they’re actually better, in ways that I wouldn’t have known I wanted. He’s that good.
So, this is just a reminder to never lose our wonder. God sees it all and even when we don’t know why He’s sending us somewhere or why a certain season of life feels like a detour, He’s in it and He is full of wonder.


I’m really thankful for the seasons I had that prepared me for where I am now. While I was in them, I definitely didn’t have as many reasons to be thankful, but what I did have were reminders to let go.

If I wouldn’t have let go of what I felt like I deserved, I would have become bitter.

If I wouldn’t have let go of my pride, I would have missed out on the molding and shaping God was doing in me.

If I wouldn’t have let go of my self-preservation, I wouldn’t have allowed those seasons to grow my relationships like they did.

When we choose to trust Jesus, we realize there’s a purpose for every season and He doesn’t waste anything. The best part of it is that we fall into Him when we learn the art of letting go.

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