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The Search For The Perfect Lipstick – Lipstick Review

Lipstick Review

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Lipsticks! What’s your favorite type of lipstick finish??? Is it matte? Glossy? Creme? Matte creme? Matte gloss…?

Well if you know us, you know that we love lipsticks. All kinds! Together we have way too many to even count! Recently we have discovered some lipsticks to be our absolute favorite go -to’s. We’ve constructed a little review to show you all what lipsticks we love to wear and why. We hope this to be something fun and informative as you try to find the right lipstick for you. How many times do you find yourself looking at lipsticks at the store or online and you just wish someone was there to honestly tell you how it feels on your lips, or if it smears easily, or if you’ll need makeup remover to take it off? C’mon, every girl needs lipstick, am I right?!

Quimi Wears Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lipstick

When I first bought this lipstick, I was looking for a lipstick that wouldn’t come off when I’m eating tacos or burgers. Lol seriously. I just hated when my lipstick would come off on the food and then I’d end up having to take it off with a napkin. Well, their name is correct. Provocative color, kiss proof, and definitely long lasting. But it is very hard to remove, so it requires makeup remover or you’ll just scrub your lips off. Haha. Usually, I am not a fan of glossy lipstick but this one is not too shiny, and since it does not come off easily it is the perfect gloss for me!

Color: Play With Fire

The Ups: long lasting; kiss-proof; double sided stick provide rich color application and moisturizing shine that adds a great finish; not dry.

The Downs: requires makeup remover; I tried to only use one side to have a matte option but it is sticky and needs to be finished with the other side.

Sami Wears Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lipstain

This lipstick is very moisturizing, it feels great on and is not shiny just like a matte should be. This color is bold and a very nice plum. I love this color to add to a basic plain outfit or if I am doing simple look on my eyes. This bold plum will add so much to the look!

Color: Drama

The Ups: moisturizing; soft; easy to remove without makeup remover

The Downs: not very long lasting; it sometimes spreads beyond my lip line after long wear

Quimi Wears Stila Stay All Day Matte’ificient Lipstick

So, the week before my wedding, we had a trial appointment for my wedding makeup. The girl was great, she knew what she was doing, but I just didn’t feel or look like myself and that was the last thing I wanted to feel like at my wedding. So I decided to do my own hair and makeup. It’s cheaper that way anyways lol. The day of the wedding, we stopped at Ulta on our way to the venue to pick up what I would need. Mind you, I had no idea what I would need lol. We literally chose my wedding makeup in a 15 minute stop on the way to the venue and I picked up this little beauty. I would call this like a dark mauve? Maybe? Anyways, it turned out to be perfect for our special day. I haven’t tried other colors yet, but someday when I feel like spluging, I probably will.

Color: bonbon

The Ups: super moisturizing; stays all day; kiss proof; feels great on my lips; a matte with a little shine; didn’t let me down on my special day; removable without makeup remover

The Downs: sometimes rubs off; that’s it. I love this lipstick.

Sami Wears Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

I love this lipstick! It is the perfect nude for me! Goes great with any outfit, you could wear it every single day if you’d like. It is soft and semi-long lasting. The red is okay, I would enjoy a deeper red.

Colors: Bahama + Cruella

The Ups: soft; moisturizing; sort of long lasting; nice nude and okay red color; comes off without makeup remover

The Downs: comes off too easily; as much as we do love pencils the downer is always that you have to carry a sharpener with you

Quimi Wears Wet N’ Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit

This lipstick is surprisingly great! I got this one for $5 dollars at Target. I was looking for a matte lipstick that wouldn’t come off on everything and that wasn’t going to be too stiff. I was pleasantly surprised because I’ve never tried Wet N’ Wild and for the price, it completely stunned me!

Colors: Missy and Fierce + Give Me Mocha

The Ups: long lasting; doesn’t rub off at all once it’s dry; inexpensive; great matte look; colors are rich

The Downs: not a moisturizing lipstick; like most long lasting mattes, needs makeup remover to be removed

Sami Wears Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks

After hearing so many amazing and wonderful things about Kylie Lipsticks, I finally tried them! When I received the lipsticks as a gift, I was ecstatic and instantly tried them all on. I got the birthday lip kit that came with 6 mini lipsticks in it. They are all different colors so it’s like a new one for every night of the week! But, once I started trying them on I felt the lipstick starting to stick a little bit, crack because of the lack of moisture and feel really stiff… this kind of upset me. The lipstick did not do itself justice and I was disappointed.

Color: Kristen, Koko K + Candy K

The Ups: nice clean color application; matte; long lasting stay.

The Downs: sticky once applied; dry; cracky; stiff; have to use makeup remover

Quimi Wears Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

I bought this at Sephora one day as I was looking for a super deep, luscious maroon. Feels great on my lips, it has a lot of moisture, the color is obviously not for every setting but great when I want to have a bolder lip.

Color: Screen Queen Matte

The Ups: I really enjoy this color; great matte look with a moisturizing feel; not dry at all;

The Downs: smears easily; spreads on lip line;

Well, there you have it! 11 of our go to lipsticks and how we feel about them! We hope this was helpful to anyone in need of a new lipstick or anyone wondering what some of these lipsticks look like. Remember… do what works for you and goes well with your style! You’re beautiful!


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