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We live in a world where it seems hate has wrecked a chasm in our society. People have been divided by political views, race, religion, entitlement, and the list can go on. Opinions are at war. Morality has taken a back seat to popularity. The truth is being smudged up with sneaky, pretty lies.

Why have we allowed hostile energy to sleep in our homes?

The past month or so has been extreme, to say the least.

On this day last month, we all were sickened by the horror scenes in Charlottesville.

Two weeks later, Hurricane Harvey invaded our area of the country.

Then Irma.

Not to mention all the devastating monsoons that happened recently in South Asia.

And the wildfires in Montana and California.

And the earthquake in Mexico.

On top of all the normal mayhem that already happens in our world day-to-day, it seems that lately, we’ve all just been in this immense state of sad news overload.

(*deep breath*)

Yet, right now, this is home.

We share this ball of water and land with 7.5 billion other people who think nothing like us. We can’t control how they think. We can’t control nature’s disasters. We can’t control time and how it’s going by at a seemingly faster pace.

All we can control is how we love. How we care for the people who are different than us. How we respond when someone disagrees with our opinion. How we come-back after a devastating natural disaster, together. How we accept that we share the same home and we can either make it miserable for one another or we can choose to love one another.

As we shared in our live blog during Hurricane Harvey, our beautiful and diverse city of Houston got a taste of that utopia. During the storm, Houstonians linked arms and hearts to overcome the floods. Humans were rescuing humans of all colors and religions and backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. It was so refreshing. People came from all over the country to help, most not even knowing what they would do but just came to do something – to help somebody.

During those days, I wrote this song for our city. Seeing houses, streets and buildings completely flooded and devastated has been heartbreaking, but seeing the resiliency of our people and the love that was brought out by the storm, was breathtakingly beautiful. After writing it, I realized it’s not just for our city. It’s for Florida and the northeastern Carribean. It’s for South Asia and Mexico. It’s for Charlottesville. It’s for us all because life is not as hard when we love each other.


music and lyrics by Quimi Eaves


Hold on and don’t lose hope

The sun will shine again on our home

This dark night will pass

The weight of all the pain will be the past

Because love is always stronger

And life is not as hard when we love each other


The road ahead is long

The waves have changed the art of moving on

When fear comes to invade

The waters rise, all we can do is pray


But we will make it through together

We will make it through together


There’s beauty in the fight

When we link arms to war against the night

When weary hearts come to unite

You know that we will find

That we’re better



This is home

I fight for you, you fight for me

This is home

Praying fear breaks into peace

This is home

Hate is overcome by love

This is home

A way to bring us back one


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