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Our Mami’s Easy Homemade Fresh Salsa

Our Mami's Easy Homemade Fresh Salsa 3

This is a recipe that I have been dying to learn for years. Since I’m an adult now, I am really starting to absorb all these amazing recipes our mom has been making over the years. Her fresh salsa is one of my favorites and I love that it is easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Here is a little back story to family salsa from our mom –

“There are so many different ways to make a salsa and in my family, I have brothers and sisters that make absolutely killer salsa! Featured on this post is my stripped-down, quick-n-easy salsa. There’s also the roasted ingredients version but in this recipe, the ingredients are boiled. Perhaps in future posts, another family member’s recipe. will be featured…buen provecho!”


Simple recipes are what we are about these days and we really love to share things that are quick, efficient, and delish because we know life can get busy!

So here we go! If you want a more detailed tutorial we have posted the recipe in our Instagram stories that will be visible today only!! So go watch them now if you are a visual person.



  1. First, wash all of the veggies, in a colander making sure they are clean, pull stems off the peppers and tomatoes, and ready for boiling.
  2. Grab a large pot and fill it with water about halfway full.
  3. Add your veggies to the pot with water and you might need to add or take out water depending on if it is covering the veggies well or not. Make sure they are not totally submerged in water, but just right.
  4. Set pot on the stove on high to boil. Once the water begins to boil bring down the heat to medium.
  5. You want to continue moving the veggies around a little bit to make sure they all cook evenly.
  6. Once they are cooked to your liking, we prefer them to still have some give to them and not be completely soft; place them all in your blender and pulse until it is at the desired texture. We prefer ours to be more chunky.
  7. Finally pour your salsa into a large bowl and fold in the finely chopped onions if you didn’t blend them in.
  8. All done, enjoy and eat with anything!


We hope you try our mom’s salsa recipe and let us know if you like it! We love to learn these recipes from our Mami, it is very special to be able to keep them with us for the rest of our lives. -xoxo

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