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Flavorful And Easy Guacamole Recipe

The most flavorful and easy guacamole recipe! Try this recipe as a dip, on toast, in a sandwich or on tacos!

A flavorful guacamole is hard to come by. Quite honestly, I rarely order guacamole at restaurants because most times it’s bland. If I ever do, I end up asking the waiter for these three ingredients so that I can add them and make it taste better lol. So I basically end up making my own guacamole out of the restaurant’s guacamole! Haha.

I actually used to hat avocados when I was younger. It’s funny how your taste buds change. Now I love it. When I was a kid, I guess I just thought the flavor was bland and I thought the texture was awkward. Somewhere along the lines I finally started eating it and loving it.

I love this guacamole recipe because it’s super simple and yet so full of flavor. We love adding a generous amount of lime to it as well as our favorite ingredient…Tapatío hot sauce! Seriously, Tapatío makes everything better!!!! Haha. We add it to basically everything. Random fact about me: I used to carry around a mini bottle of Tapatío in my purse so that I could add it to food whenever I went out to eat. Haha. I started doing that when I moved here to Texas because while most restaurants carry it in California, when I moved here, I found that nobody did! I was devastated lol. So I became that lady who carries hot sauce in her purse.

This recipe is totally customizable as you can add things like chopped tomatoes or chopped onions. We don’t always add them though because we may not have them or we don’t always feel like it needs it. That’s why I love this one though because it doesn’t need the extra stuff, it’s so good on its own.

The Most Flavorful And Easy Guacamole Recipe



  1. Slice open your avocados and scoop into your medium sized bowl with a spoon.
  2. Use a fork to mash your avocados.
  3. Add your lime juice, salt, Tapatío (plus tomatoes and onions if you want). Mix it all together.
  4. Give it a taste test and if you need to add some more salt or anything, do so as you please.

There you go! Enjoy! And if you are trying to eat low carb like we are, a great low carb way to enjoy guacamole is by dipping carrots instead of chips! So yummy without the extra carbs!

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