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The Ultimate Mexican Corn Salad

Aaahh Mexican street corn is the best, am I right?! I love love love elote (corn). The traditional way that elote is served is usually with butter, chili powder, lime, mayonnaise, cotija cheese and sometimes hot sauce. It’s usually served on the cob or en vaso, which means in a cup. I’ve seen some people add hot cheeto crumbs which are super good and others add their own little pop to it.

So we decided that we’d like to combine a bunch of our favorite things in a Mexican corn salad recipe that would be one part street corn and the other part extra!

This is honestly the first time we’ve ever tried to make a corn salad and I’m so pleased with the way it turned out! It took everything in us to not eat it before we took photos of it lol. We made our very own chipotle mayo (delicious!) and added bacon, avocado and black beans! We weren’t absolutely sure how it all was going to turn out, but it’s the perfect combination of flavors, textures and zing seasoning!

As with all of our recipes, there are certain parts that you can adjust to your preference. The dressing in this recipe can be added according to your liking, as well as the amount of lime and salt. We personally love lime and so we always add more, but you can add it as you go and taste it and see where you like it. That’s another thing I love about this salad.

Mexican Corn Salad Recipe

Salad Ingredients

Dressing Ingredients



  1. Drain and rinse you canned corn.
  2. In a skillet, sauté your butter, garlic, onions and corn until it is browned lightly. Pour in a bowl and set aside to let cool.
  3. Cook your bacon. We like to bake our bacon (15-ish minutes in the oven at 400 degrees), but you can cook it however you’d like and then chop into pieces.
  4. While your corn and onions mixture is cooling, start making your dressing. Break down your chipotle pepper with adobo sauce in the food processor until crushed. You can poor in lime juice to help it blend.
  5. Add the mayonnaise and the rest of lime and blend together.
  6. Once you have chopped all your other ingredients, you’re ready to combine it all together!
  7. Mix all the ingredients and pour in the dressing little by little. It’s possible that you won’t use all the dressing, depending on your taste. You can also add some salt and more lime to your liking.

The flavor in this corn salad is perfect! I love that we added bacon because it adds that extra flavor and goodness! I love it. We’d love for you to try it. Let us know how it goes! To try more Mexican inspired delights, check out some of these.



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