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Nutella Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Nutella Churros

As we started to think about what our next recipe should be, Quimi and I instantly thought, CHOCOLATE! We love chocolate and knew we hadn’t done a recipe with chocolate in it yet. But not just any chocolate… Nutella!!! Delicious hazelnut chocolate spread that just melts and satisfies your taste buds. We started to research and well we came up with adding Nutella to a recipe we saw that was Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches, we love our churros and yes we sure do loveeeeee ice cream! So here we have the most satisfying and filling treat perfect for any regular night or if you are hanging with friends at a gathering. This is quick and easy and hardly takes any time to prepare! Ready? Set? GO!Nutella Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe 1


There a few different churro recipes out there and some are more complicated than others. We chose to go the easy and quick route which made the perfect churro! If you are short on time definitely try these. The taste is incredible! 

Yes we know they look quite messy, but don’t let the look fool ya, they taste amazing and the Nutella really is the icing on the cake! Decandant, rich and flavorful.

Nutella Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches



First, prepare the churro dough, add the water, oil, and salt in a large saucepan on high. Once the water has come to a boil add in the flour. Once the flour is added in, start to stir up the mixture until a ball of dough begins to form. Once the dough has formed place it into a large Ziploc bag and let it cool.

Now prepare a sheet pan with foil and begin to pipe out circles of churros, basically in the shape of a cookie. Once you have finished this, place the sheet pan in the freezer and freeze the churros for 30 minutes. This part is KEY! The churros need to firm up so that when you fry them they won’t break apart. While the churros are chilling, make your cinnamon sugar mixture. Just add the sugar and cinnamon into a bowl and stir them up!!!

Next heat up your oil, at about 15 minutes left of the churro chilling time, add the oil in a saucepan so you can begin heating it up. After 30 minutes take out the churros and check the oil with a wooden spoon. If you place the spoon into the oil and the oil starts to bubble up around the spoon, then the oil is ready!

Finally, start placing a churro cookie in the oil one by one. Once the churro has risen almost all the way to the top of the oil, then its ready for the cinnamon sugar! Place your churros on a plate covered with paper towels and dry off the oil, then place your churro immediately into the cinnamon sugar that way it sticks! Then place it back on the plate to cool.

Now after all your churro cookies have cooled, you can take out the ice cream and Nutella and start assembling! Then just dig in!

Pro Tip 1: we noticed that the churros don’t need to be a really dark color to tell they are done, if you leave them in too long they will actually get too crunchy and not have the real churro texture we all love. So if they look a little lighter in color, that is OKAY they will be perfect!

Pro Tip 2: If you’d like to make these for a gathering we suggest you prepare the churros at home ahead of time, then take all of the ingredients to make the sandwich with you; Nutella, ice cream and pre-made churros, and assemble the sandwiches there! 

We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do! We are big-time ice cream and chocolate lovers so this dessert was definitely a hit for us! It did not disappoint and we love how it hardly takes any time at all to prepare! We’re all about fast and efficient desserts over here! -xoxo

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