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Yoda Margarita – The Yodarita

Happy May the Fourth! If you’re anything like me, this may mean nothing to you. At least it didn’t mean anything to me until I met Aaron. I was never really into Star Wars (gasp) until we got together and I began loving the things that he loves because I love him. Loving Star Wars has been a process though. I’m still working through it haha, but I love having fun with all things related to it because Aaron loves it so much and he now wants to get our baby girl into it. So for this May the Fourth, we decided we wanted to make some yodaritas and maybe we’ll play some Star Wars Monopoly that I bought him for his birthday! This recipe is super simple and just something fun to do especially during these quarantine days where we’re all trying to find ways to entertain ourselves! Haha.


2 large limes plus two small slices for the ears

1 pour of jigger tequila

2 pour of triple sec

Slices of jalapeño (optional)

Salt for the rim (optional)


Squeeze your limes in and combine with your tequila and triple sec. Add slices of jalapeño and some salt if you’d like, then place the lime slices on each side for the ears! If you can find something for his robe, go ahead and add that for fun! Haha. I couldn’t find any cloth or anything, so I cut a piece off grocery bag. If there’s anything I’ve learned in this quarantine season, it’s to be resourceful with what we have and make the most of it!

We hope and pray you and your family are doing well. We love you, have fun!

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