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Make A Statement – Lani Accesorios


Have you ever met someone and then years later, your paths cross again in a completely random way? Lani and I first met about 7 years ago through mutual friends in South Texas. I was visiting family and made friends there, we shared the same interests and hung out, but then I left. Through social media, we were able to keep in touch a bit but didn’t really see each other again until three years later. I was in NYC helping as an adult leader for a high school missions trip and we walked into the ministry center where we were going to serve…and Lani was right there! How random that our paths crossed again in NYC of all places.

It didn’t surprise me that she was working there, Lani has such a sweet and tender heart to help and encourage others. She’s genuine and caring, smart and driven, and now her passions have led her to start her own business! We are so excited to share Lani’s story with you and to feature Lani Accesorios, too! From statement necklaces and spunky chokers to chandelier earrings and glamorous studs, you will find what you need to complete any outfit AND when you use the promo code LOVEANDTACOS, you’ll get 25% off your purchase! What up! Get on that! We love our Lani Accesorios pieces.

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L&T: Where did you grow up?

Lani: I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco México and moved to the US when I was 14.


L&T: When did you leave the Valley (in South Texas)?

Lani: I left the valley right after I graduated from college in May of 2013.


L&T: How did you get connected with your job in NYC?

Lani: Through the Baptist Student Ministry from my university. They had an opportunity to serve at the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association (MNYBA).


L&T: What did you do there? And for how long?

Lani: I worked for the MNYBA who plants churches across the five boroughs of New York. They network with partners to provide resources for evangelism, church planting, community ministry and volunteer missions. I also served at a Hispanic church in Queens – serving in the youth ministry and leading bible studies.

L&T: What did you love most about living in NYC?

Lani: My favorite part of New York was meeting people from all over the world. I loved learning about different cultures and trying all the food!


L&T: Least favorite part?

Lani: Times Square haha


L&T: When did you come back to Texas?

Lani: I came back to the valley by the end of 2014.


L&T: How did Lani Accesorios begin? Was it always something you wanted to start?

Lani: I’ve always wanted to have my own business (I graduated with a degree in Business Marketing and PR). When I was getting ready to come back to South Texas, I was brainstorming on what type of business to start. Since I love fashion I wanted to launch my own boutique, however, I did not want to sell clothes because there are boutiques like that everywhere! I love statement necklaces and love how they can change the entire look of any outfit. As soon as I came back to South Texas, I was working at a digital marketing agency and got to learn so much – from launching a new business to working on their campaigns. In July of 2016, I decided to just go for it! I was 25, single, with no other responsibilities other than my job. I thought that if I didn’t start my business then, I was not going to be able to do it later on in my life. So I just went for it.

L&T: What’s been the best part about starting your own business?

Lani: For me, the best part of starting my own business has been building the brand. The intellectual strategy of building your brand makes you make the best decisions for your business.


L&T: What’s been the most difficult?

Lani: Anything that has to do with numbers! The accounting process such as calculating profits, keeping inventory records, etc.


L&T: Who or what are some inspirations that help you have the courage to take risks in your career endeavors?

Lani: Since I was in high school my dad would tell me to stay away from a work schedule of 8am to 5pm. In other words, he told me to always strive to be my own boss.


L&T: What does your normal workday look like with running your business and everything else you do?

Lani: I work at a law firm from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. When I check if there are any orders that I need to ship out, I prepare the packages. I also check the traffic on the website, work on the social media campaigns, plan upcoming pop-up shops, photoshoots, etc. It’s very fun!

We love what Lani is up to! With a tenderness and sincerity to help others and a determination and passion for pursuing her dreams, Lani makes a statement that can’t go unheard. Head over to her website Lani Accesorios to find your perfect piece(s) to make a statement with your fashion and let your voice be heard in whatever it is you love. Don’t forget to use our promo code LOVEANDTACOS. Much love fam!

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