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Tacos La Bala On Gessner

For this month’s Taco Of The Month, we decided to go somewhere closer to home. This place is less than three miles away from our house! And it’s so exciting because we LOVED it. You can bet we will be coming back again soon.

Tacos La Bala has eight different locations in the Houston area and we didn’t even know we had one so close to us. It’s a quick bite stop that sells tacos, tortas, quesadillas and burritos. They told us that each location varies a bit in their menus but the staples are at each one. On our way to this location, we actually passed it up because it’s pretty unassuming. It basically looks like it’s in a section of a warehouse. 

The lady told us that their fajita meat and their trompo (al pastor) are their most popular tacos, so that’s what we got! Two tacos for $4. Not bad!

This is Sami waiting for her tacos to come. Lol.

Sami all happy now that her tacos came lol

We were so pleased with the flavor of these meats! I had the fajita tacos and my favorite was the beef. The meat was marinated so well and was deliciously tender. The chicken was good too, but I wished I would’ve saved the beef taco for my last bite lol. Is that weird? Do you save your favorite bite for the end? I feel like it’s the only way to live. That and putting all the salsa you possibly can on your tacos.

This green sauce was heavenly. It was spicy but not too spicy where you can’t taste the flavor. I basically like to drink the salsa haha. Sami ordered the tacos de trompo (al pastor) and she loved them. She says she’s had so many different al pastor tacos in her life and that this one was definitely in her top five. Wow. What an honor. She said they were deliciously moist, savory and satisfying. 

As you can tell, we inhaled these tacos and were so happy with our dinner choice. We’ve been trying to stay on our fitness goals by counting our macros and exercising and sometimes it’s sad because a decision for tacos can throw your whole day off. Not these though! The tacos were small but filling and as you can see, we sometimes take off the second tortilla to cut some of the carbs. Ultimately, it’s all about balance, right? Live, love and eat tacos!

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