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Tacos Tec on Gulf Freeway

Tacos Tec

Our Taco of the Month for November is a place we’ve heard so much about. People we know have raved and raved about this place and we finally were able to make it out there! Tacos Tec on Gulf Freeway! If you live in Houston and loveeeeeee tacos just as much as us, then you need to check out Tacos Tec. They have, by far the best, authentically tasting tacos that we’ve had. We always say our favorite tacos are from Mexico, so thats what we compare every taco we have here to, for the most part. The tacos from Tacos Tec come in at a very close second! We really love the taste, the flavors, the seasoning of the meats, it was all just too, too good. The tacos are a little greasy compared to other spots we’ve been to but overall the taste gives them a 10/10! Tacos Tec on Gulf Freeway 1

One thing we’d like to mention, is that they are a cash only spot. So make sure you go prepared with your dolla bills, lol.

Before you even receive your tacos they bring out a little bowl of charro beans. So delicious and the perfect appetizer before chowing down on some tacos. They have a wide variety of taco options on their menu and the most popular, is a plate that comes with 5 tacos on it with your choice of meat. On each plate of tacos they have grilled onions and a lime wedge along with a few red potatoes. They also have something called a campechana which is similar to a quesa-taco that we’ve had in Mexico; a delicious flour tortilla with cheese and meat inside. Its amazzzinggg! We really appreciate how this place is not Tex-Mex. This is so surprising to us because most taco spots in Houston have a little tex-mex side to them.

This taco spot is definitely, hands down a MUST. If you are looking for that Mexico style taco then go to Tacos Tec, they will not disappoint and your tummy will be fully satisfied.

Check it out and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts! -xoxo

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