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Tacos Tierra Caliente on West Alabama

So for our next Taco of the Month we decided to try something a little more on the authentic side. This is quite the change up from our previous month which was Torchy’s Tacos. As we were looking for our next featured taco spot, we came across a few that we were debating on. But obviously we had to pick one… we chose Tacos Tierra Caliente! Now the aspect of this place is different than others, it is not a restaurant, but a food truck on Alabama Street here in Houston. And let me tell you… it is very popular! When we arrived there were a handful of people there waiting for their tacos! This made us think that we chose a great spot!Everyone loves it!

We walk up and notice a few things we wanted to let you guys know about. They have a great menu with quite the variety of meat choices, tortilla choices and also other options such as quesadillas, tortas and more! Of course, we went for the tacos, because DUH! But you can basically pick the type of taco that is perfect for you. This taco truck is legit and I could tell people really enjoy their tacos because they kept coming and coming. But one little note from us – it’s CASH ONLY. So do not forget your cash – it’s so worth it!

Now… let’s get to the tacos! Our papi ordered two tacos on corn tortillas – one with barbacoa and one with pastor. The tacos were made right when we ordered them! Which got us thinking they might have prepared a lot because they get busy, but they were still warm! So don’t worry about that. The tacos were soooo fresh!

What you’ve all been waiting for… our papi prepared his tacos with limón and dug in! He was IMPRESSED! The tacos were so delicious and definitely very authentic in taste. He kept eating and eating until he realized they were gone! We would describe them to be very close to tacos in Mexico. They had cilantro and onion sprinkled on top and they had two choices available for salsas that you could put in little containers. That way you can try both with your tacos and yes,  they were pretty spicy! But they gave the tacos amazing flavor!

Even our mami wanted to try them! She loved them as well, especially since our papi was feeding them to her! lol aww… they’re so cute! We really enjoyed the tacos at Tierra Caliente Taco Truck! We definitely recommend! Let us know of any tacos spots you want us to try for our next Taco of the Month!

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