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Torchy’s Tacos At Minute Maid Park

Happy Taco Baseball

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There are many, many tacos in this world. Street tacos, breakfast tacos, fusion tacos, specialty tacos, soft tacos, hard tacos, fish tacos, tacos de asada, tacos al carbon, tacos al pastor, tacos gringos, shrimp tacos, tacos de barbacoa… The list quite possibly is endless and we have decided to embark on a mission to try every taco out there because taco lives matter. What the. Lol.

Anyways, we started a new blog category: Taco of the Month! And we have official spokesmodels! Our Papi and Mami! Haha. We will highlight one taco spot each month, take one of our parents to taste the tacos and write a review.

Torchy’s & Astros

To kick this thing off, we are starting at the one and only Torchy’s Tacos. Not just any Torchy’s spot though, we came to the newest location at Minute Maid Park. You thought hotdogs-and-baseball is American? Well, we’re here to say tacos-and-baseball is the Nu-American! We were so pumped when they announced that we will now be able to grub on delicious tacos while watching the Astros this season. Since our dad is the chaplain for the Spanish speaking Astros players again this year, we anticipate coming to support as much as we can.

The new Torchy’s in center field is wonderful! It’s a great spot to hang, grub and enjoy the game.

Torchy’s is known for their full menu of unique, experimental tacos, but this location at Minute Maid Park only offers four: Green Chili Pork, Beef Fajita, Trailer Park and Fried Avocado. We ordered a couple Trailer Park (fried chicken, green chiles, lettuce, pico de gallo and cheese on a flour tortilla) and a couple Beef Fajita (grilled steak, grilled onions and peppers, shredded cheese and pico de gallo on a flour tortilla). Both were full of flavor; the fried chicken in the Trailer Park was tender and the toppings give it that great refreshing balance while the grilled steak in the Beef Fajita has a great tasting marinade that is well accompanied by the grilled veggies and pico.

Then we got some chips with that amazing Green Chile Queso. Uuufff. Seriously, melted dipping cheese at Mexican restaurants was a new thing to me coming from California and I had to get used to it, but Torchy’s Green Chile Queso is everything. It’s ridiculous.

Though these tacos at the ballpark were nearly double in price than the same ones you’d get at a regular Torchy’s joint, that’s to be expected when going to a professional sporting event. They are still delicious and better than the typical ballpark food, in my opinion. If you go to an Astros game this season, you have to check out the new Torchy’s, even if it’s just for the vibe and the hang up there. It’s super fun and our spokesmodel definitely approves of these flavorful tacos! Let us know of any tacos you want us to highlight for Taco Of The Month!

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