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Visiting Estes Park With Cru

Our time in Estes Park, Colorado was so amazing! We spent five days there and were reminded every day how beautiful and powerful our God is. We were asked to lead worship for Cru Summer Conference again this year and were so thankful for the opportunity. Together with our fam in Citizen Crown, we had the chance to see high school students worship the Creator with their whole hearts and we truly believe many of their lives were transformed.

This camp was held at the YMCA of the Rockies. If you’re like me, you’re picturing a gym or an athletic club…but no. This place is a full on resort nestled right in a valley surrounded by breathtaking mountains! We all stayed in cabins and ate in the cafeteria and enjoyed all the beauty that surrounded us!

Every morning and every evening, we had a session that usually started off with games and a lot of fun. Then, worship and then a message, followed by more worship. These were our favorite moments of the whole trip!! Cru is an organization that reaches out to kids in their schools. So many times, the students that they are connecting with don’t have any background of church or believing in God. It was soo amazing to watch students who were reserved or didn’t want to participate on the first night, break into worship and jump around in praise with the rest of us!  I love love love being a part of these moments. It seriously is my favorite thing. Especially for students at this age. High School is always such a hard age and now, in today’s society, it’s even harder! I can’t imagine all the added confusion these kids have to deal with now compared to what I went through…and I’m not even that much older than them! Or at least, I like to think I’m not haha.

I just know high school can be such a pivotal time in our lives! It was when I was that age that I decided I wanted to play music for the Lord and that decision has taken me to where I am now. So that is why I love being a part of events like this for youth. I believe the Lord can really captivate their hearts and set them on a path that follows His love and His promises.

When we lead worship, my favorite thing is when you can tell that people are really connecting with the Lord. I loved catching glimpses of these students worshiping and watching them grow each day. It was so beautiful.

In our free time, we also got to explore soo many amazing sights! We hiked a little bit, we even played some music out in Rocky Mountain National Park and we just enjoyed being in nature. Living in Houston really makes you appreciate nature whenever you get to see it because we live in a concrete jungle over here lol. The weather in Estes Park was so refreshing and the mountains just had me swooning at every turn.

What a perfect week it was! We love whenever we get together with our Citizen Crown family! It’s always filled with light and passion. And we’re so grateful for all the students we got to worship with! What an amazing and purposeful way to spend a week in the summer. 

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