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Houston Astros Spring Training Sign

Our dad wears many hats. Baseball hats, fedora hats, farmer hats, those weird little newsies hats…wait, I mean, he’s a husband, a dad, a pastor, a counselor, a coach and now a chaplain. Last year, he was presented the opportunity to embark on a new journey as the Spanish-speaking Chaplain for the Houston Astros and our mom was able to join him as the Spanish-speaking Chaplain for the Houston Astros’ wives.

He had such an amazing time getting to know players from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and our mom also enjoyed spending time with the wives and having bible studies. From small conversations before games to taking family members to enjoy a meal, our parents were able to plant seeds and build relationships that we look forward to growing.This year, to kick off the coming season, our dad was invited to attend Spring Training in Palm Beach Florida. He made new besties, wore a ridiculous farmer hat, built new relationships with some of the minor leaguers who will try out for this coming season and had the best time. But really, our dad pretty much has the best time anywhere he goes lol.
Like all the other teams, the Houston Astros have minor league teams within their organization for player development and growth. All of those teams also have chaplains that encourage and serve the players. Our dad met those chaplains for the first time at Spring Training and just like everyone else he meets, they became besties. They took selfies-galore, went to the beach, shared meals and stories, watched the games and connected with the players. Please note in all of these pictures, our dad’s “selfie face” – it’s strong but not always wanted.

And can we just say…grown men taking selfies are really funny lol.

Love those chanclas!

We hope you’re able to catch a glimpse of our dad’s hilarity and his heart for people. We are truly blessed to have parents who love others well and put their needs first no matter where we are. Currently, we are in Culiacán, Mexico on a church planting venture and our parents are training two couples to head up this new journey. Whether it’s encouraging baseball players or training others in ministry, they are always willing and ready. We look up to their example so much and pray we can follow in the same way.

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