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Unwinding in Los Cabos

Palm Trees

Hello to all! I am currently in San Jose de Los Cabos with some of my primos (cousins)! Woah, the first day we arrived we were just mindblown by how amazing Cabos Azul Resort is. We have enjoyed ourselves so much already and we can’t wait for more fun and adventures throughout the week. The past two days have been filled with settling into our room and buying groceries to going to the gym and heading out to the other side of the city, Cabo San Lucas!

Yesterday we had a full day. We started our morning at 8 am and did a little beach workout, finished off in the fitness gym and then we got ready and headed out to Cabo San Lucas which is about 30 mins away from our resort. The reason why we had to enjoy the beach in Can San Lucas rather than the one at our resort was that the ocean on our side is pretty dangerous, there are rocks and huge waves that are not the most pleasant to swim in. Once we arrived in Cabo San Lucas we were ready to begin our adventures! We already knew that we wanted to either jet ski, ride ATV’s or cliff jump while we were there. As we walked into the Marina that has a lot of boats, yachts and water taxis, we saw a booth located right along the docks and spoke with the lady that was in charge of soliciting the different activities. We looked through the pamphlets of different things we could do and realized that jet skiing was the best bet. The lady gave us a good deal and we ended up renting two jet skis for all 5 of us to share. So we took a water taxi down to Medona Beach that had the jet skis waiting for us.  We took turns going in pairs on the jet ski’s and it was a total time of one hour. It seemed like the longest hour of our lives! It was the perfect amount of time. Jet skis are so fun and definitely a must-do activity when on vacation. You could go really fast and hit the waves, or you can cruise and enjoy the ride. We did a little bit of both, but who are we kidding, we love the thrill of going fast! After we finished with our hour we swam in the most beautiful and clear ocean water. The waves were super strong as you can tell in the pictures below!

They kept taking us away and we had to take the pictures as fast as we could before falling in! We were so starving after our jet ski ride and found out by a friend that there were a few really good restaurants located on the beach. So we made our way down the shore and went to Mango on Deck for a late lunch. We finished lunch, not knowing we had a long walk back to our car. We didn’t know how far away the parking lot was until we began walking, but the city views on our walk down made it all okay. 

I am just so thankful to be here and to spend time with family for a relaxing week away from work and all other life things. It is a time to unwind and recharge before starting up a whole new year of school, work and adulting. I love this time and could not be more grateful for the blessing it is to be here!

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